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6 Days
Nagoya Castle & Hommaru Palace

 How to get to Nagoya CastleThe castle is most easily accessed by the Nagoya Sightseeing Rou...

3 Days
Shirakawa-Go Village

If you are traveling to Nagoya, Osaka or Tokyo, Shirakawa is one of the must-visit places as it t...

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8 Days
A Teddy bear town on a nomadic wander...The Japan story continued

During one of my couch surfing experience i met a swiss lady who adviced me to go to Takayama on ...

Liz Thottan

Nagoya Castle
1-1 Honmaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0031
East Plaza Ikomai-kan
2225-4 Nishihaneana, Haruki, Aichi-gun, Togo-cho 470-0162
Onone Tofu Legent Birthplace
928 Matsukawadocho, Kasugai 486-0932

Activate JR Rail pass- Day 68:30am: Head west to Arashiyama by taxi, train or bus.9:00am: Enter Tenryu-ji Temple and explore the temple.10:00am: Leave Tenryu-ji Temple by the north gate, which will bring you into the famed Bamboo Forest. Explore the Bamboo Forest for about half an hour.10:30am: Leave the Bamboo Forest and enter Okochi-Sanso Villa.11:30am: Leave Okochi-Sanso Villa and return to central Arashiyama. Eat a simple lunch of noodles or rice in one of the shokudo (simple eateries) on the main strip.12:30pm: Take a taxi over to Kinkaku-ji Temple, the famed “Golden Pavilion” in Northwest Kyoto.1:00pm: Explore Kinkaku-ji Temple. Yes, it will be crowded at this time, but it almost always is.2:00pm: Take a taxi down to Daitoku-ji Temple and enjoy the peace and quiet of a small subtemple there. Consider Koto-in Temple
After visiting the beautiful castle I hopped onto the train to head to the next destination – Kobe, yummy BEEF :)Famous for the legendary Kobe beef, it is, in fact, an important port city and one of Japan’s ten largest cities.Kobe Chinatown is just around the corner. The juicy pork oily buns have a rich filling and a thin white dough layer, they are an absolute must-try. Along the street are numerous Chinese family restaurants, as well as vendors touting Chinese snacks.A few other popular things to do in Kobe is taking a stroll in the waterfront Meriken Park, and going on a sake tasting tour in one of the breweries.

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