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Theres already so much written about the jodhpur that writing about it again doesn't make sense at all ,well if you have already explored jodhpur and now you want to see some old temples from harshakalin time(gupta period) with beautiful carvings of gods and some old jain temples or you just like to visit some peaceful place with beautiful sunset than Osian should be your pick which is 80 kms from jodhpur with fare of just 60 rupees in normal bus which will take around one and half hour from the city ....

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Though I didn’t stay in Osian, that evening, headed back straight to my hotel at Jodhpur, yet it added a lot of sense to my travel....

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Top Places To Visit in Osian 3 Spots

Near Jodhpur, Osian
Mandore Gardens, 8 Km North Ff Jodhpur, Osian

About Osian

A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without camel rides and sunset over the sand dunes. The ride towards Osian from Jodhpur is very arid and dry. You realize that you are in the dersert state – the Great Thaar Desert. We travelled to Osian in Rinku’s tuk-tuk. It is located 85kms away from the main city. Osian boasts of old jain temples, camel safaris. We glided and ran like kids on the sand dunes. The scenic view of the setting sun from the sand dunes was a priceless moment. Prakash and Vimlesh 8 year old kids were too cute and kept us company. The ancient Thar Desert town of Osian, 65km north of Jodhpur, was an important trading centre between the 8th and 12th centuries. Known as Upkeshpur, it was dominated by the Jains, whose wealth left a legacy of exquisitely sculpted, well-preserved temples.

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