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Rapar is a small lively city. The city is vibrant and filled with people transiting from different villages. It is situated in the Kutch District of Gujarat and is a municipality. This city area is particularly called Vagad. The name Vagad derives from the famous rulers of Vaghela. The name Vagad means the land of Vaghelas and it is also the biggest center of taluka. The city has many temples namely Swaminarayan Temple which is dedicated to Swaminarayan, the Ratneswar Temple which is dedicated to Shiva, the Rama dedicated Ram Mandir, the Dariyasthan temple dedicated to Dariyalal. The city has two ponds with a public garden.
One can visit this small lively city throughout the year

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The decision to spend our last vacation of the year in Kachchh was not easy....

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As advised by our lead biker, we ensured to top up our fuel tanks at the last petrol pump at Rapar so as to ride 90kms to Dholavira and back to Rapar without any trouble....

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Also called Amdavad, this place happened to be the former capital of the state of Gujarat. The third largest of all the cities in the state, it is situated on the banks of the famous Sabarmati River and happens to be the industrial and economic hub of the state. The Ahmedabad Stock Exchange is also the second oldest one in the country and the city second when it comes to cotton production. There are some very famous places like the Sabarmati Ashram and Kankaria Lake that one can visit when in Ahmedabad.


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