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Sakleshpur is a cozy hill station, snuggled into the Karnataka corridor of the Western Ghats. The pleasant weather and green covers make it a refreshing getaway, which is why it is often called poor man’s Ooty. The fresh air, aroma of coffee plantations, misty hills and chirping of birds will bring you close to nature. The beautiful trails in Sakleshpur make it popular for trekking – the Bisle Reserve Forest and Kumara Parvatha treks being the ones most frequented. A trek along the railway tracks will also bring you face to face with beautiful sceneries. If you trek up to the Jenukal Gudda on a clear day, you might get to witness the beautiful Arabian coastline beyond the thick forest covers and coffee estates. To see the historic side of the town as well as the aerial view of the emerald ghats, make a visit to the Manjarabad Fort. Every chamber and every tunnel has a story to tell, hailing since the reign of Tipu Sultan. One of the tunnels even runs as far as Srirangapatna. Nyritvilla Homestay and Kadumakki resorts are great places to enjoy nature at a close proximity alongside a comfortable stay. Mangalore buns, akki rotis, neer dosa, palya – almost all the local delicacies are bound to leave you wanting for more. A relaxing outing to Sakleshpur, with a bunch of friends, can be a nice break from the monotonous work, eat and sleep routine.

Trips and Itineraries for Sakleshpur

Endurance Ride: Bangalore – Dandeli – Gokarna – Sakleshpur

18 Riders, 4 Days and 1600 Km: The ride stills reminds some of the best moments, good times, brea...

Jacinth Paul
8 Specialty Lodging & Homestays in Sakleshpur that are nestled in the Rainforests of Western Ghats!

Less than four hours away from Bengaluru, Sakleshpur is a place that is loaded with delightful hi...

Tanushree Patwa
3 Days
Sakleshpur - the green route railway trek, waterfalls and much more.

1,2,3 - Smile1,2,3 - SmileFresh Jungle AdventuresTunnels in the wayLight at the End of TunnelChee...

Ranjyoti Prakash
3 Days
Sakleshpur - A hidden beauty in Karnataka -- Part I

The plan already fixed by some of my office mates without me actually. Suddenly due to some perso...

Krishnan T P
2 Days
In Nature's Lap – Sakleshpur

"There is a pleasure in the pathless woods; There is a rapture on the lonely shore; There is soci...

Vivek Kumar
2 Days
Text me Later, I am in Sakleshpur

Yeah you read it right! Amid the whole 2 days of outing we didn't get a chance to check our cell ...

Nidhi Jain

Top Places To Visit in Sakleshpur

Manjarabad Fort
National Highway 48, Sakleshpur
Sakaleswara Temple
Entrance of The Town, Sakleshpur
Mangalore to Bangalore Dream Route
Mangalore to Bangalore Train Route, Sakleshpur

Hotels and Homestays in Sakleshpur

Weekend Getaways from Sakleshpur

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