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One of life’s pleasures is looking at Ryanair’s destination map and allowing the syll...

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People say Pula & Trogir are some places in Croatia which people ignore to more famous places...

ZADAR - Winner of Best European Destination 2016

No, it is not Paris nor Prague or Brussels, it is ZADAR, 5th largest city of Croatia, situated in...

Priyank Aggarwal
10 Days
From Zadar to Split: Exploring Coastal Croatia

I was planning a trip to Europe with my friends for quite some time now, but we hadn’t plan...

Ivana Horvat
11 Days
Croatia is Beautiful

Statue of Nikola Tesla who was born in Croatia but lived his life in the USAStreet Art in ZagrebT...

Priti Turakhia
8 Days
Riding Across The Border: Croatia & Herzegovina

I figured there would be no problem getting into Croatia. Right away, the agent was asking quite...


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A city that’s a juxtaposition of Astro-Hungarian architect with modern art and pop culture, is often missed by tourists....
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I took a very long, but great route getting here. First I passed through Plitvice Lakes National Park. Next, I rode over Mali Alan pass. Earlier, in the morning, it was raining a tiny bit, so I was happy to see that it stopped by the time I started up the pass. I’d just have to deal with a little fog at the top. The road surface wasn’t too bad…some occasional loose gravel and ruts, but nothing serious, and there hadn’t been enough rain to make it muddy. Coming down the south side was a little more nerve wracking. Less than fifty feet of visibility and hairpins with no warnings or guardrails made for some very slow riding.After getting down from the pass, I was about 30km from my destination, but decided to backtrack to get some riding in along the coast…wise choice. The view was amazing, the road surface was surprisingly good, and the riding was excellent. I rode from Senj to Zadar…any motorcyclists out there that want a nice route, keep this one in mind. So, now I’m in Zadar…it’s a nice little city with some Roman ruins to see in the old town…very interesting. Right on the water were two cool features. The first was the sea organs, which are large tubes underneath marble steps leading to the waterfront. As waves pass over the tubes underneath these steps, they emit different sounds. And the second shows up after sunset…the Greeting to the Sun. This large disk has LEDs of various colors that light up in crazy patterns, and all the while, you can hear the sea organs in the background…just add mushrooms and you’ve got yourself a party!

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