10 on 10 tips for Girls while Travelling!

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Undoubtedly being a girl comes with many advantages like - You are cared and valued more than boys, you get priority on all government counters, you get job reservations, seat reservations in many institutes etc. But when it comes to travelling, girls are generally not considered made for this naturally and are encouraged to stay at home.

This post looks forward to finding answers to why we say so and how you can travel to the places of your choice without being apprehensive about different situations. This writing is all about the experiences of women who travel and who make it possible despite challenges.

So, what are the problems which make you less you-

Family is skeptical about our business - If you fall into the kind whose family is conservative, then maybe you are the first victims here. Anything which passes from you must pass through your family. In this, we often start questioning ourselves from our parent's point of view.

Some bad individuals are bad citizens - Violence on women, Sexual Harassment, Exhibitionism and Heinous rapes are mostly performed by men. This is even worse in patriarchal societies where some men take pride in considering themselves powerful to women. 

Your Insecurities jeopardize your mind- Because of various hiccups like periods, mess that travel involves, nice staying places, good partners, risky business - you stop yourself.

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Girls Talk Travel

Now, there are infinite reasons for girls to not travel which we just discussed but several others as well to make your travel bug enlighten you.

1. Challenge yourself, act like your own boss- At the time when you are in your comfort zone, prove your worth to family, friends and utmost yourself. If you are confident, you can fight with any shit coming in your way.

2. When travelling solo, you make more friends- If you are not able to find a right group or partner, it is high time for a solo trip. You find yourself, you find others, you find purpose, you build reasons. It is rightly said that you are never alone on a solo trip.

3. You learn a lot on journeys - When you know you are responsible for any step that you are taking, you will consciously take smarter decisions. One basic advice when you are travelling solo is to get involved with a lot of people but be cautious about their steps, their movement, their gestures etc. Don't trust anyone easily and even if you have to; get a complete background check done by your remote friends. Take time.

4. Being choosy about the things that are beyond your control- Visiting a new place is an adventure in itself. Don't make a fool of yourself by considering yourself to be powerful and strong. Go through every detail of the place you are going to. Apart from places to visit, you should also have a fair idea about the demographics, language spoken, basic gestures, transportation medium, place to stay at, some emergency numbers etc.

5. Mixing with the culture- If you are planning to have a long travel plan to a particular place, it is best to color yourself with the culture that people are following. You have two benefits like this- One, you avoid people staring at you all the time like you are a foreigner; Two, you enjoy more as a result.

6. Always have an emergency kit - It is always best to travel light. This may include having lesser clothes or accessories but compromising on basic things is not wise. Carry Pepper Spray, keep candles and low battery consuming devices. Not to forget, menstrual cups which last longer and are also environment friendly.

7. Share your whereabouts and your plan with at least 1 person - With a lot of location sharing apps coming in, it is easy for others to keep track of you. This is for both boys and girls to follow. Don't feel as if you are under the radar, feel like this is an extra protection cover. You and your loved ones are assured of your safety if you take enough precautions.

8. Travel makes you stronger - Travel doesn't only involve traveling solo or in a group to a tourist destination. It also involves going to your relative's house or friend's place. Unless you do not just lockdown inside your house, you are always travelling and learning practically. Experiences matter.

9. For hassle-free journeys look for travel groups - At least for the beginning, you can start with travel groups. There are many out there with experience and knowledge. They take care of your stay, food and destinations. And on the positive side, you get to meet a lot of new people/girls, strangers who make you feel that you are one among them. That they too have insecurities; That they too face problems and fight them; That they are so different but so similar and relatable; That they are also humans; And your perspective changes.

10. Learn martial art, girl - Every other point was for your precaution but this one is for the time when you are already in mess. Prepare, grind and learn when you have time and be dirty, hard and powerful when the time comes!

If your heart wants it, you have to do it. Because it doesn't think, it just does! I wish you all the best for your next sustainable, comfortable and responsible trip. Add anything to the list in the comment section. 

Thank you for reading! 

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