10 Reasons to Go on a Solo Travel Journey

Photo of 10 Reasons to Go on a Solo Travel Journey by Globetrotting Heels by Akanksha
Day 1

Why is it better to travel solo?

Travelling is something I can do at any point of time and in place of anything. I had always thought that the company you have while travelling is responsible for the experiences you get. And one more thing that I believed was that the more number of people going along with you, the more fun you have.

There is no doubt that a big group accounts for a lot of crazy moments but as I am gaining more experiences, I am understanding why people tend to travel solo these days. Although I still have solo trip incomplete in my bucket list, I have jot down a few reasons why travelling solo is better than travelling in a group.

1. Do not think twice before you over a destination.

I mean how many times have you crossed a situation where you want to go someplace but your friends do not agree? I have faced this numerous times, however I get them to agree somehow. But all this fuss nearly drains you out of the excitement and energy. When you are travelling alone, you are your own boss. Just throw a dart on a map and head to wherever it hits. No questions asked!

2. You can be spontaneous

Whether it is about going to an unplanned destination or taking a detour from your itinerary, it is all up to you. The best thing about travelling alone is that you do not need to think twice before doing something. Throw on a few clothes and take the next train to the mountains. Life is all about spontaneity.

3. No fuss about doing something or not

This happens a lot many times that you want to head somewhere or do something that your company does not like or want to do. When you are travelling solo, you can close your eyes and take the next big risk. But when you will open them, you will have a sense of satisfaction and achievement, and that is more than everything in the world.

4. Listen to your heart and no one else

You want to sit on a rock by the river for the whole day? Do that! See #1, you are your own boss. You do not need to listen to anyone else. No one can tell you what to do and what not to do. You feel like hiking up a mountain, you do it. You want to sit in the sun, no one can stop you from doing that. Travelling solo helps you to connect with yourself. It teaches you that your inner self gives the most correct answers.

5. Be more independent

Independence comes from experiences. The more first hand solo experiences you will get, more independent you will become because there will be no one to depend upon other than yourself. So, in a tricky situation when you are afraid to take the next step, your determination will help you look into the eyes of fear and take the next leap of faith. Solo travel makes you fight your fears and make a stronger and better person out of you.

6. Learn to manage with limited resources

It happens to almost everyone that you go out of cash during your vacations or you do not get the hotel of your choice and so on. When you are alone, you know how much you have and how much you need to spend in order to stay on track. It teaches you that sometimes you will need to have a chicken sandwich as your dinner and it doesn't matter until you are happy.

7. Spend time with yourself

Hike up a mountain where you lose your phone's connectivity, pitch a tent, light a fire and watch the stars twinkling perfectly in the sky. The most important aspect of solo travel is that you spend time with yourself and get to know the real you. Sometimes even you can surprise yourself by doing things that you never imagined you could. Learn from your own mistakes and overcome your insecurities.

8. Get to know the world

The world is a never-ending route that needs to be explored slowly and steadily. It has so many elements to keep you engaged that you would always feel like this is something new or I need to try this. Travel alone and you would understand what the world as a whole has to offer. Live in an RV in the US or go camping and hiking in the Himalayas, visit the ancient history in Rome or go surfing in the Pacific. There is something for everyone in this world.

9. Make new friends

The best thing about travelling solo is that you meet new people. People who are like minded, share the same feelings, have the same vision, and want to same things from life. Some of these friendships stay for life and some for only the duration of your journey. But these friendships teach you to trust people and helps you explore other cultures, nativities, languages, and ethnicity.

10. You will get answer to this question on your own.

You still have a question on why should you travel solo? Then pack your bags and head for the next destination that you have on your mind. You will get the answer to your question on your own. And you will find answers to many other questions that you thought would never be answered.

Travel solo and explore what the world has to offer.

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Photo of 10 Reasons to Go on a Solo Travel Journey by Globetrotting Heels by Akanksha
Photo of 10 Reasons to Go on a Solo Travel Journey by Globetrotting Heels by Akanksha
Photo of 10 Reasons to Go on a Solo Travel Journey by Globetrotting Heels by Akanksha