Why Every Woman Should Travel

25th Apr 2019
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Travelling has become the passion of every youngster you can find. Nobody wants to sit at home and nobody wants to get stuck in a 9 to 5 job. And when it comes to women the rules apply 10 degrees more.
We as Girls and women have always been told to stay at home and do things we are 'supposed' to do but now when the world is at its worst and best, this paradox has created a loophole: we women can do whatever the hell we want, more or less. And that's why with each day thousands of young girls and women are breaking free of their cages and stepping out into the Sun with a backback.
Reasons why every girl or women should travel-
Well first of all I dont think its really necessary to put up reasons of why girls should travel but this is for those who wants to convince their parents to let them go. After all parents are parents and they'll always care and want to protect you.

1) Because you can
As long as I can remember girls have always been told that they 'can't'. But due to so many reasons now they know that they can. So if you were not travelling because you were afraid that you can't manage everything and travel, then let me tell you that you can. Pack your bag and just go.

2) It is safe
When it comes to safety of a woman then no woman is safe anywhere in this country, nor even in her own house. So this reason doesn't even count. All you need to understand and make sure is that you carry yourself well, are cautious, are protective, and that's about it.

3) Your parents won't mind
In most of the cases parents don't allow their girls to travel because they are afraid about their safety. What you need to do is give them some assurity. Book with a nice and authentic tour agency and you are the safest you can be.

4) It is literally the time of life
When we say we won't have time after marriage, it is actually true. People most of their bachelor life ignore this simple fact, that marriage comes with responsibilities. After marriage you may be able to make some trips but not as many as before. Mainting two families, job, household work and baby in many cases is simply not easy so trips fall back many steps in the priority list. So travel while you can. And this actually goes for both men and women.

5) Because you want to
There is no more powerful reason for you to travel than this. Travel because you want to. Period. There is a world waiting for you to explore, and you want to, so why not? Don't be a coward, don't be afraid, don't be intimidated. Be courageous, be confident and be wilful. Travel because you want to. Travel because that's your passion and everything else will fall in line.

I travel because the roads give me peace, the mountains give me a perspective, the beaches give me goals, the ocean calms me down, and when I come back from all the places I have been, I truly feel at home.

Photo of Why Every Woman Should Travel by Travelling Tastebudds