10 Tips for Maintaining Health when Traveling

Photo of 10 Tips for Maintaining Health when Traveling by Shiraz Kahn

Vacation is a mandatory activity for every person. Activities carried out only once in a year are able to refresh mentally and physically.

It's just that a vacation can also bring you disease. Based on articles from prevention.com, the disease that most often attacks travelers is a disease related to breathing, coughing to a sore throat.

There are many aspects that cause this: fatigue due to travel, a climate that is foreign to you, to vacation areas that are not hygienic.

Therefore the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on its official website also advises someone to check their health first.

There are also suggestions that you should follow to maintain your health during the holidays.

The following are some of these tips.

1. Rest if tired.

Do not push yourself. Even though you're on vacation, it's good not to force yourself to go for a walk.

If tired, it's better to rest. Forcing yourself can make you sick and even ruin the vacation itself.

2. Arrange your schedule.

Surrounding the city takes a lot of time and energy.

It's a good idea to plan where you go during your vacation. Don't try to go around the city one full day.

3. Walk on foot.

It's good for a vacation to be a sporting event too.

No need to run, just walk during your vacation time. You can get beautiful while getting sweat.

4. Don't forget breakfast.

Breakfast is important to start the morning.

Always take the time to take breakfast at the hotel or make it yourself.

If there is no food that you feel is suitable for breakfast, try to replace it with fruit, like bananas.

5. Always hydrated.

Always bring a water bottle with you because who knows when you are thirsty, apparently, there is no shop to buy drinking water.

Drink enough. Maybe it will make you uncomfortable because you have to go to the bathroom often, but at least it is healthy for your body.

6. Watch your alcohol and sweet drinks

Alcohol and sugary drinks have high levels of calories. Too much will make you lazy to move.

Instead of that, just replace it with water.

Also, keep in mind that alcohol can disturb your sleep, so consider if you have a big activity the next day.

7. Bring lunch

This is quite optional. If you spend your vacation in urban areas, you will definitely find many restaurants.

However, if you are on a vacation to nature, such as mountain or beach areas, it is better to prepare provisions in advance so that it is not confused when starving.

8. Hold fast the concept of "Hara Hachi Bu"

Hara Hachi Bu is a Japanese term for the concept of eating not stuffed.

If you're 80 percent full, then stop eating.

If there is leftover, it can be saved for later. Satiety will make you lazy to walk and move to damage your vacation schedule.

9. Take Herbal Supplements

It's a good idea to provide Herbal kratom capsule supplements while on vacation.

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This should not be a burden for your bag considering its size is very small.

So don't feel bothered carrying it.

10. Protect your skin

For those who feel sensitive skin, it's a good idea to use sunscreen, especially when you're at the beach. If you are in a forest or an area with a lot of mosquitoes and insects, be sure to bring a veil that protects you from bites.

To be more certain, you can also look for information regarding any outbreaks that are spreading at the destination or what diseases are common in the destination.

That will really help you prepare. The addition to the CDC is to vaccinate so that your immune system is strong.