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22nd Mar 2020
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Scientists from all around the world are working day and night to find out more details about the Covid- 19 or Coronavirus disease. Travelling during Coronavirus in literally unsafe as the disease is now taking the form of a severe pandemic. The worst fact is that the number of Coronavirus cases is increasing at a rapid rate. It has already crossed 2,00,000 across the globe, and the real numbers must be more.

Several cases are not reported or appropriately tested. Therefore, it is an advice for travelers that you should drop your travel plans right now. However, there is no reason to lose hope because you can take this time to do a bit more planning. Later, when the situation calms down, you can go out and enjoy to your heart's content.

One the one hand, governments of several countries are trying to ban anybody coming in or going out of the country. On the other hand, people who are traveling despite the warnings are coming back with not-so-good experiences.

The sad part is that not all coronavirus fearsare fake because the disease is undoubtedly deadly, and it is a tough time for all of us. It is, therefore, our responsibility towards ourselves, our families, and society as a whole that we follow measures and stay as safe as we can.

How unsafe is travelling during Coronavirus?

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We already know that the cases of Covid-19 have exceeded the maximum expected limit in China. What is worse is that the numbers are almost increasing three times the initial rate. According to several health experts, the Coronavirus case resembles the Spanish Flu that occurred in 1918-1919. Also, sources reveal that the Coronavirus out broke from a few wet markets of Wuhan, China, following which there were cases of respiratory issues in people.

So, now you know why you are not advised to travel to other countries within this situation.

There are awareness programs organized all over the world, warning people to isolate themselves and stay back at home as much as they can. The primary reason is that the Coronavirus outbreak is highly contagious. It can affect anyone, and from the patient can spread to three more people in no time, if no measures are taken against it. At present, the entire world is following the actions taken by China.

You are advised to isolate yourself from people to a certain extent. There is a ban on social gatherings, and crowded places such as marketplaces and public offices are being shut temporarily. Despite the measures, there are several loopholes and irresponsibility of a few people that are increasing the coronavirus fears.

How does Coronavirus spread?

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If you are only considering the impact of Coronavirus on travel plans, you must understand how it spreads. As a result, you will realize the right thing to do by canceling your travel plans for now. Also, if you are already traveling to another country and finding it challenging to come back home, please do not panic.

The first way to keep yourself and your companions safe is by following the officially issued health recommendations. These are tested methods of keeping away the dangers of the infection.

You can also start keeping track of all the official updates so that coming back home becomes easy later. A piece of significant advice for travelers is that if you are already in a foreign country, please try to stay again at your hotel instead of going sight-seeing.

You may have already heard about the news that says how Coronavirus spreads via contact with each other. Yes, the most common way in which Covid-19 can spread if you come close to an already affected person even by mistake. It is the very reason why the term 'social distancing' is being used as a significant precaution against the spread of Covid-19.

The problem is that it is difficult to understand in the early stages, whether a person is affected or not. There may or may not be visible symptoms of Coronavirus despite being affected. The lowest incubation period suggested by the World Health Organization is fourteen days.

Therefore, if you were planning to travel, you already know why you should not. If you are feeling helpless in a foreign country, just calm down and follow instructions.

Do you have to wear masks?

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Several Asian countries on the CDC list of the World Health Organization has announced that it is obligatory to wear facial masks while stepping out for any reason. However, the Government of infected countries, along with the WHO, is now suggesting people not to wear masks unnecessarily.

It means that you need to wear a mask if you are feeling sick and suspecting symptoms of Coronavirus. Else, you can wear one if you have someone around who is supposedly affected.

The initiative has been taken so that the facial masks remain in stock for the ones who genuinely require them. For example, people who have to stay in crowded places, doctors, and nurses are going out of masks because of the unavailability.

Now imagine if you were to travel to one of these countries, and then found out that facial masks are not available. Do you think it would be safe or enjoyable to travel around in that condition?

Instead of merely wearing masks and going around anywhere, you should know the real fact. According to the scientists who are researching on Coronavirus and the WHO, you must maintain a minimum distance of two meters if you have to meet people. It is better if you refrain from socializing at least for a few days now. Also, you must clean your hands frequently and adequately and not touch your face often.

Most importantly, make sure you are covering your mouth with your elbows (not palm) while sneezing or coughing. The elbows make more sense than your palms because we don't touch that part of our arms very often, just like we use the palm. So, these are a few health recommendations that will help you stay safer in this situation.

Problems that people in foreign countries are facing

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There is more than one reason that works for the question of why you must not travel amidst the outbreak of the Coronavirus. You are upset because the trip that you had planned for a long time got postponed. Just imagine how the people who are not being able to come back home are surviving in the virus affected countries. Moreover, think about their families waiting for them again at home here.

Some are in foreign lands due to work calls and had no idea that something like this was going to happen. They are now banned from entering their own countries, and we have no idea when this situation will be over. Now, do you feel that you are in a slightly better position because trips and traveling can wait, but your safety comes first? The world is suffering, and we must combat this situation together.

So, please think about the safety of your family and society. Do not act careless or irresponsible. Try to stay at home and spend time with your families because God has, in turn, give us the quality time that we have always been craving for.

Also, let's pray together during these tough times because you can pack up for that long-pending vacation as soon as this gets over.

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