34 Reasons Why I chose Traveling

Photo of 34 Reasons Why I chose Traveling 1/1 by Dipti Goyal
Foggy Winter in Agra

The day before yesterday,  when I was checking my Facebook updates, then I found a quote on my time line “Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.'” – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran. This quote compelled me to think what the purpose of my travel is? And from that moment I am preparing a list of my reasons to travel. I also want to share with you to know whether you all have the same reasons to travel or something else.

1.     To get rid from daily routine and distress myself

2.     To find the inner peace

3.     To discover myself and broaden my vision of life

4.     To see the beauty of nature

5.     To make new Friends

6      To immerse in a new culture

7.     To taste the local cuisine

8.     To enjoy the freedom

9.     To feel like a bird

10    To explore my creativity

11.   To capture the nature in my camera and enhance my photography skill

12.   To view “home” with a new pair of eyes

13.   To become a part of unique cultural, art, and music festivals

14.   To make myself more positive towards life

15.   To strengthen my social skills

16.   To appreciate the value of solitude and try different way of living

17.   To leave my comfort zone for sometime

18.   To curate a group of friends in all corners of the globe

19.   To become a storyteller

20.   To improve my sense of reading map

21.   To live a life without regrets

22.   To bring out my adventurous spirit through spectacular realms of nature: forests, jungles  and mountains

23.   To invest in my mental wellness

24.   To empower myself

25.   To stay forever young at heart

26.   To inspire and be inspired

27.   To interact with animals in the wild

28.   To stop making excuses for things you really want to do

29.   To build long-lasting relationships

30.   To face my fears and gain courage

31.   To mature and become independent

32.   To lead by example for my future generations

33.   To acquaint with the history of that place

34.   Last but not the least To share my trip on TRIPOTO  :)

There will always be some reasons (excuses) to not go but most of us are unaware of the purpose of our travel. So I would like to request to every traveler to find your purpose and start your journey.

Bon Voyage !!!