5 Perfect Places For The Lazy bums – Travel Your Way!

Photo of 5 Perfect Places For The Lazy bums – Travel Your Way! by Manu Sharma

Nomadism is not a trait or a hobby or a lifestyle; it is us. We fought this wonderful urge by settling for civilizations and cities and comfortable lives, but out basic urges make us travel nevertheless. Not a single human I have met who does not like to travel. But of the people I have met, I have found there are travelers of different kinds. Some look for leisure, and some crave for a good adrenaline rush; some like to take their parties with them, and others like the thrill of culture and language.

Here is a list of the places I have been to, the realistic non-neutral experiences and recommend for the different kinds of wandering souls:

For the lazy bum:

Yeah, we all have one of those friends, the ones who would not budge from the hotel; the one who doesn’t see a point in a trek that will give you a nice view; the one that has a self-acclaimed fear of heights, and finds adventure and stupidity synonymous.

Nothing to be worried about, trips like that are much needed sometimes. Here are a few places you can try if sitting back with a cup of coffee or a pint of beer is your perfect image of a vacation:

1. Kasol

A hazy high 12 hour ride will take you to this tiny, calm place nested in the center of beautiful snow-capped mountains. You will not only be chilling in the true sense, you will be highly happy and happily high.

Everyone and everything is at perfect scenic peace here. You can go there and be sure no one and nothing will bother you at such heights.

Keeping it cheap: It is an outrageously cheap place anyway, We paid about 1100 per person on a 3 day trip including everything from travel to stay to food (Our own car).

2. Pushkar

Coming down from the heights of Kasol does not necessarily mean you can’t still be high. This pretty little town is also cradled between hills, like a colorful cozy nest on a big fat tree. Pushkar, about 6 hours from Delhi will offer you nothing but peace and bliss. People you meet there may be louder than the ones in Kasol, but the noise will be the good kind.

Amazing firang food to eat, tiny, reasonable dhabas and bakeries; a flea market that is every south Delhi chick’s dream and a non-intrusive culture.

A ginger honey tea, a Nutella banana pancake and a drag or two of whatever you like and a view of the lake on a terrace of a humble hotel is the perfect situation for the lazy happy fat you in you.

Keeping it cheap: Well, you just got lucky, this place is as cheap as it can get anywhere in the country. You can spend lavishly and yet come back with your pockets as full as they initially were. (Recommended simple hotel : Lakeview)

3. Lansdowne

Usually a family’s getaway, this place is just a tiny hill station just beginning to get attention. I would not try to sell this place on its scenic beauty or any other charms. The place is about 12 hours from Delhi and becomes a great getaway for those stuck in a weekend -only schedule.

It will be a quiet little place you can walk around this place surrounded by army buildings during the evenings and you will see at least as many locals as tourists. I went there for my birthday and did truly nothing but sit around enjoying the pleasures of a nice empty space in like.

Keeping it cheap: Since this is not a very well known place, the hotels do not really over charge. Take a train up to the Kotdwar train station and then hail a pool taxi.

4. Lonavala

I wouldn’t know what was outside of the place I was staying in, because I didn’t really need to. A stay at the Duke’s resort was one of the best treats my former organization gave me. Not only is it a great place to laze around with all its balconies with great views and pool sides and open restaurants, it was also a perfect place for me and my batchmates to get together and party hard.

There are a few places where you can go for sightseeing and peaceful walking, but since you are a lazy traveler, you can happily stick to the resort.

Keeping in cheap: For this one, it is hard to curtail any expenses. The resort is an expensive one, and so would be your travel to the place. Go if you can afford a fat budget.

5. Goa

Put on your favorite swimsuit, or what the hell, get out in pretty boxer shorts, and go to any one of those wonderful beaches. Lie around sipping on amusingly cheap beer, and do not forget to try the Kings’ beer. Take a good long swim at one of the quieter beaches else just walk around the city buzzing with really excited and happy people.

This place, as everyone knows is also recommended for the party animal.

Keep it cheap: Try to pick up one of those cheap flight offers and fly to Mumbai. Book a Volvo and there are way too many that ply between the cities. Do your hotel hunt in advance if it is the popular season.