10 must do things in Manali

26th Jun 2016
Photo of 10 must do things in Manali by Vinay Chelwani

The city is one of the most visited tourist places in India due to its chilling weather, picturesque views of the snow caped mountains and a lot activities to do.

People visit the city not only from India but all parts of the world due to various reasons like Starting point of the adventurous manali-leh road trip, parvati valley, dharamshala, spiti valley and base camps of one of the best and toughest treks in India.

Here are the 10 must do things if you are planning a trip to Manali.

1. River Rafting-

The beas river which originates from manali and flows down to kullu, offers a great opportunity for river rafting with the thrilling rapids that are formed in the river.

Tip- If you are reaching manali in the morning, it is advisable to do the rafting in kullu and then go to manali. It will save some time in going back and forth.

Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 1/13 by Vinay Chelwani

2. Chill-out at the classy cafes-

Cafes in manali are the coolest places to hangout all day with your buddies or with a book. Just enjoy some of the best foods and coffee wit a bonfire in the chilling weather.

Johnson's cafe and lazy dog are some of the best cafes you can try out. Don't miss the manali special trout fish.

Tip- Please book your hotel in old manali being the coolest areas with those classy cafes and clubs.

Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 2/13 by Vinay Chelwani
Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 3/13 by Vinay Chelwani

3. Hit The Road-

Rent a bike or hire a taxi and go on a road trip to the snowy rohtank pass. Rohtank pass is open from June-October but you can still ride till the snow point(Gulaba) which is around 50 kms from manali.

Believe me it will be some of the best 50 kms that you have ever rode.

Tip- Renting your own vehicle is the cheapest mode of transportation in manali.

Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 4/13 by Vinay Chelwani
Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 5/13 by Vinay Chelwani

4. Glide in the clouds- do paragliding

The beautiful solang valley which is 20 kms from manali is the most visited picnic spot also known for the adventure sports like paragliding, snow skiing, zorbing, etc.

Paragliding is done with full safety and it costs you around 1000 bucks for low fly and 3000 for the high fly.

Tip- Go for the high fly to get a real experience.

Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 6/13 by Vinay Chelwani

5. Hot spring bath-

The beautifully crafted vashisht temple is located on your way to solang valley known for its natural not springs.

Tip- Take extra clothes because the hot springs in the chilling weather temps you to dive in and never come out.

Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 7/13 by Vinay Chelwani

6. Trek the mighty himalayas-

Manali being a trekker's paradise attracts huge no travel enthusiasts to explore the unmatched beauty that the mountains has to offer. It offers from low, moderate to one of the biggest and best trekking experience.

Some of the famous treks like chandrakhani, deo tibba, sarpass originates from this region.

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7. Shopping at the mall road-

The busy mall road lies in the center of the city where you can shop the authentic sweets, to the stylish winter wears at cheap prices. It has something for all.

Tip- Try butter chicken & butter naan at sher-e-punjab restaurant, mall road.

Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 9/13 by Vinay Chelwani
Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 10/13 by Vinay Chelwani

8. Try the home-made fruit wines-

Manali is also known as the fruit basket of India due to its ideal climate for a variety of fruit cultivation. One can buy the different fruit wines like apple, litchi, guava, strawberry which is also unique about this place.

Tip- It's alcoholic.

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9. Experience peace in the mountains-

If you are done with all the activities in manali and looking for some peace and solitude then rent a property in simsa village. The village offers a perfect aerial view of the city located at just 5 kms up the hill.

Tip- Sit, relax and enjoy the act of doing nothing.

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10. Explore the parvati valley-

The parvati valley known for its much talked about places amongst the youth like kasol, malana and tosh is located at 70 kms from manali is worth a visit.

Unique thing about this place is also its cafes and Israeli food. don't miss the delicious nutela pancakes.

The place gives you a hippie vibe with lot of foreigners and young crowd. Kasol's hippie market is very vibrant and colorful.

Tip- Be very careful if you take some 'stuff' as a souvenir while leaving parvati valley.

Photo of 10 must do things in Manali 13/13 by Vinay Chelwani