5 travel hacks which everyone must use for a budget friendly trip ✈️ #anythingfortravel

29th Aug 2019
Day 1

Everyone wants to travel.. But there are constraints for travelling.. For wealthy people they will be having money but no time to travel, for students like me there will be time to travel but no money..

So here are some of the tips which I use normally to save my pocket from burning during my trips 🔥🤗

1. Advance planning : See the calendar and mark the dates where you have got long holidays and plan where you want to go. Definitely there will be rush on those days, so it's difficult to get flight ticket, railway tickets and affordable rooms. Advance planning helps you to save many bucks.

2. Using of Couch surfing platform : I use couch surfing.. Where I'll get free stay in different places in different unknown people's home.. In return I have to host some other traveller in my home for free when he visits my place. If your profile is good you will definitely get a host, more than that you will get to meet new people and witness new culture and also try new local cuisines.

3. Using local public transportation for traveling : Although it saves lot of money but this part is little bit tricky. In cities its not a problem, but in hills it's definitely a problem. You have to know about bus timings soon after you go to a place and plan /modify your plan accordingly.

4. Eating in small hotels : I eat in small hotels and roadside shopswhere which are pocket friendly and very tasty also. Whenever I go to a new place, I search for the places where the local people have their food and I'll go to such places. I bet you, you will get a better hospitality in such places than artificial smiles of star hotels. (Although I'll eat must try foods in every city how small or big the hotel may be) 😊

5. Walking and hitchhiking : I walk around to cover small distances like 1 or 2 km.. And use hitch hiking in hills. Hitchhiking requires some skills to get a drop, like you have to move away from city or main places etc etc. Use Google maps as much as possible. Download the area where you are going, and mark the places which you want to visit. So that your own map of places will be ready, see the distance between them and plan accordingly to walk or use some other transportation means.

Still there are many travel hacks which I use, but these are the main ones.

Hope this article will save some bucks for you in your next trip 🤗