4th Jun 2021
Day 1

It is in all of us to defy expectations, to go into the world and to be brave, and to want, to need, to hunger for adventures.

To embrace the chance and risk so that we may breathe and know what it is to be free. Jalori Pass Trek is one of that experience that I had from my soul not only due to its stunning 360 Panaromic views but also due to my health. It was a trek day and I was not feeling well but still I decided to go and to it's worst I didn't even carry any gloves or cap to cover me properly at the chilling weather with atleast 2 degree celsius temperature.

As I decided to go on a trek even when I wasn't feeling well at all, Nature made sure to make me realise that it's not a good idea to not take your body seriously but still always as an adamant person I chose to walk.

I took this picture at the Maggie Point and started moving forward while thinking that if I could come so far, then I can also complete it till the last (unaware of the challenges I will face after that- decreasing temperature, feeling low, shivering due to cold weather and low BP and lastly, the uneven way after that mid point.

At last I told my friends to go ahead and I'll see if I could make it to the last and if not (because of health), then I'll meet them at the same Maggie point when they return. Aage start hogi 1 mazedaar kahani  πŸ€—πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚

Ab start ho rahi meri or nature ki romanchak kahani πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…

I decided to keep moving forward. Why? Well, because I decided to challenge myself saying, "If I can't do this now, then I'll not be able to do what I love the most in this life." Ahmm, well, sorry but can't tell you what that is.

I repeatedly started saying this to myself, "If you can't do this trek, then how will you ever achieve your dream that you're having since long. As it's way harder than this and if you'll give up on this now and return to the Maggie point, then you will never be able to make your WILL strong to achieve that dream because that's something close to impossible."

So, I gained some courage and made up my mind to keep moving forward while talking to myself and looking at the strange trees which were surrounding me.

Strange, right?
They have holes in their trunks which is weird but at the same time, fascinating too.
Do you think that I made it to the last, to the Serolsar Lake, when I was all alone and even told my friends to move ahead?
Let's wait for another post because ABHI TO MAINE SHURU KIA HAI. πŸ˜…

While keep moving ahead and blabbering things to myself, I asked every passerby who was returning, "kitna door reh gya abhi aur"(how far is it?) πŸ˜…. Finally, I reached my destination..... Yes, I reached to the Serolsar Lake.

The frozen Serolsar Lake is another beauty of nature, which I am glad I was able to witness by my own eyes.
Trust me, I don't think that moat of us have even completely watched even the 1% of this world's beauty.
The lake is mesmerizing, my friends were happy that I finally reached to the Lake.
Although, I didn't have enough strength to take some candid pictures of myself there but I surely captured the beauty of this Lake. You can go to my Insta account to see the video and if you think that my account is worth following for you, please do the needful and inspire 1 more storyteller or nature freak person(me obviously) to do more for you people.
As of now in this story, I've just reached at my destination and what I was afraid of then was the thought that it's gonna be tougher to return. I was low on energy and didn't want to eat anything as well because I was feeling nauseous.
The adventure is not just about the destination, it also includes a safe return to home(ghar vapisi). We will complete this story in our next post. So, stay tuned fellas. πŸ˜‰

Chalo Ji final Part aa hi gya story ka πŸ˜…

Finally, it was time for me to gather my bachi khuchi(rest of my) energy so to return to my homestay but it's a long way to go and the time is limited too(because the evening/dark was approaching).

I had to reach to the starting point before sunset or about the same time.

So, I told my friends that I'll go first and as I knew I was going to take longer and they will definitely catch up with me even if they left a bit later because I was not well and couldn't trek on with the normal speed.

My friends caught up with me midway and saw that I was barely making any progress due to the lowwwwww energy. Just like me they also knew that we won't be able to reach our destination on time if we didn't speed up. So, they starting motivating/boosting me to move forward. Due to the evening and trees the temperature was also dropping and it was cold I was walking like zombie LOL.

After so many hurdles, I finally reached the mid point of the Trek, yes the Maggie point, where we got to know by the boy (shop owner) that we were the last ones and he was waiting for us only as he finds it his responsibility to come with the last group, making sure that that everyone has reached down safely.

At one point, I thought it's becuase of a good deed that I've done sometime becuase one of my friends found an energy drink at the shop.

But then came another challenge, we're late and even though the shop owner waited for us, the sun didn't. It had already been set and then, there was a grave silence. It was only torn by the wind and the chatter of us friends. We turned the flashlights of our mobiles on so that we'd not trip while walking and could see the path.

If anyone of you've ever been to a trek and moved around in dark, then you would now how creepy it turns out when you start to hear the jungle sounds.

Where my friends were afraid that we might get lost, I was afraid of encountering a wild animal, as the shopkeeper told me that "there is nothing to worry about in this trek except the wild animals who come in dark for their feast".πŸ˜…πŸ˜… SCARY MUCH?
But well, we kept moving and finally reached at the end, of course because of the help of that boy.
At the end, I learnt the lesson that no matter how strong you are but never play with nature.
We could've easily lost our way that day, maybe would've become a treat for the wild animals too, I could've fainted while coming back and so on.
Therefore, whenever you wanna go on a trek or something that depends on time so much, please don't ignore your physical strength. Listen what your body is telling you and don't leave it on "DEKHA JAYEGA" (WE'LL SEE).
Although, I believe that travelling means exploring or experiencing something new but definitely, not like this.... Because JAAN HAI TO????
Right... JAHAAN HAI....

Stay safe and stay healthy...

Photo of Jalori Pass by 2 Solo Souls

Nature is really an amazing art of God

Photo of Jalori Pass by 2 Solo Souls

Mid point commonly known as Maggie Point

Photo of Jalori Pass by 2 Solo Souls


Photo of Jalori Pass by 2 Solo Souls

Strange open hole trunks

Photo of Jalori Pass by 2 Solo Souls

Serolsar Lake

Photo of Jalori Pass by 2 Solo Souls


Photo of Jalori Pass by 2 Solo Souls