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Jalori Pass

This is a high mountain pass in the Kullu District and is the one closest to Delhi. This place thus, finds a part in every tourist's travel itinerary. This is also the only pass which allows any kind of vehicle and also opens every year. The Mahakali Temple on top here is also known as Jalori Maa temple and is very popular among the tourists. The pass however remains closed during the peak winter months and thus you will have to find out before planning. There are cautions to be followed when you visit this place such as driving at first gear only is compulsory. The curvy roads give the most marvelous views of the Himalayas.
The Wolf Girl
I woke up at 7:30am finding my friends snoozing. I walked out of my room into the portico and found my furry friend anxiously waiting for me. I grabbed a chair and sat with my feet up on the railing. I kept listening to the sound of the water while I slightly patted Jumpy (the dog who accompanies you on treks). I was so lost in nature. No memories from the city life. My soul was finding its oxygen in the nature. My soul felt like there are places where it can breathe, places like Tirthan!We had a long trek aligned for today. Jalori Pass - a 10km trek that had great adventures and experiences waiting for us.Gaurav (our coordinator) asked us to get ready by 9:30am, and we ate breakfast and left at around 10am. It was an 1.5hr long drive to Maa Kaali Mandir, which was our starting point of the trek. Do grab a few bottles of water as you won't find any halts/stalls until you reach the top.Trekking is all about the journey. The destination is only a bonus. Usually I am high on photography while travelling, and am constantly clicking pictures. Today, I didn't care about frames and shadows, lightings or poses. All I cared was how amazing this place is. How amazing everything around me is actually happening in the very moment. Diabolical creatures have not been able to destroy this one little heaven and for that I am truly thankful to God.We didn't care about the rain or the weather, the muddly path or the crooked path. We were high on life today, and we had decided to stay blazed. The trek was long. We started at around 12noon. Dead leaves made it a little easier at some places by increasing the friction. Although at some points we were experiencing some difficulties especially when one had to cross some mini waterfalls.Halfway through our trek, Aman bhayyia made us climb a small hill present alongside our trek path (you would always have a lucrative experience with Aman bhayyia). This hill had the most amazing view. Dense clouds surrounded us. Tiny wild flowers covered the entire hill and the grass was greener that any filter present on any social app! After a few clicks later, Aman bhayyia suggested that we must meditate here. I took off my shoes. My friend fired up her portable speakers. Aman bhayyia played a spiritual track. We all sat on the moist grass, crossed legs and closed our eyes in the hope to connect our soul with nature.We meditated while the track was playing in the background. Trust me when I say this. I felt surreal. I felt liberated. I really don't know about others, but I was in my spiritual/divine place.Before I started this trip, I was in a mess. To the extent that only my best friend knew every hardship I was going through at that moment. When I met her at the bus-stand I hugged her tight and thanked her for being there for me. Couldn't include family for the very obvious reasons - did not want to be a disappointment.I am writing this very personal piece of my life here in this social blog because I want to convey this to the world that when Kate Douglas Wiggin said - 'There is some kind of magic about going far away and then coming back all changed' she was hell right.That session of meditation and divine connection with nature changed me a little. I got down that hill and strolled further leaving my crew behind. Found a rock to sit on, and stared into the sky through the tall pine trees. I felt peace. I realised what peace was. It was an emotional moment for me. All those bad/weird thoughts I had before I was here felt like a big mistake. I was glad I did not go through it. My karma and destiny were giving me hope and I was ready to be hopeful. I felt powerful and positive. Something I haven't felt together for quite some time.My friends joined me after a while. We played some new songs on our portable and continued out trek. On our way to Serolsar Lake, Aman bhayyia narrated some interesting ancient stories - more like what locals have been saying over the years.The lake is a place of worship. Many years ago, a 'tantrik' came here to dry up the lake (Initially it was so massive that no one had access to it). The lake got its holy aura when Lord Shiva visited Serolsar. It is said that there are two birds who are always looking after the lake and do not let even a single leaf fall over it.While we were engrossed in these stories, we realised that it had started to rain. Carrying umbrellas or raincoats was a very wise decision. We had almost reached our destination. Everyone stopped at the tea/maggie stall and decided to rest (bad idea, always rest once you have reached the final point). Loads of hot tea, chocolates and maggie was consumed.
Sapna Dhiman
Started the day early in the morning as we have to head towards Serolsar lake Trek, which is an easy 6 km trek that starts from Jalori Pass. From Jibhi to Jalori Pass, It is one of India’s dangerous road, with steep 45-degree gradients, rocky terrain, and U-pin curves.Jalori Pass: One of the most beautiful pass in Himachal Pradesh. Extremely dangerous and outlying, Jalori is a high mountain pass, which is located at an elevation of 10570 ft in Himachal Pradesh’s Karsog Valley. Jalori Pass is a connecting link between Kullu and Shimla and can be accessed from Kullu as well as Shimla. Full of twist and twirls, this trek will take you through the dramatic high altitude landscapes. One can enjoy the stunning view of Pir Panjal Ranges. The drive to Jalori Pass must be on every adventurer’s list.
Chirag Chakraborty
Day 3 : The best part!! - Jalori PassWe had nothing planned for this day, and were chilling by our tents when suddenly we found that there is this beautiful place called Jalori pass, near Tirthan which had " SNOW".Needless to say, plan was made in minutes and thank god!!! we made it.
Vansh Tiwari
Day 2 Jalori Pass - Serloskar LakeThe Day is here!!Waked up early in the morning had my breakfast and got ready for the trek.The trek from Jalori pass to Serloskar lake.Went pass from Shoja to reach Jalori Temple and also the starting point of trek from Jalori pass to Serloskar lake.
Mohit Jha
Next morning we had breakfast at Neelanchal cafe. If you want cheap and good snacks, you should go there. Parantha (Rs 20), Tea (Rs10) etc. We then contacted the couple with whom we travelled to Jibhi, to know if they are interested in trek to Serloskar Lake? Fortunately they were. We booked a cab to Jalori Pas for Rs 1800, i.e. Rs 450 per head. We started our trek at 11:30 am, a bit late than the planned time. The length of the trek was 5 km one side. The trek was easy with wide paths but of high slope for approximately one-third of the distance. We completed the whole trek in 4:30 hours. The trek starts from Jalori Pas and ends at Serloskar Lake. In winter, you’ll found snow there and that adds to the beauty of the trek. Also, there is a temple. You can also do camping there. We finished our trek by 4:00 pm and had some snacks and tea. We returned to our rooms by 5:30 pm. I was completely exhausted and after dinner, I slept immediately. With this our Day-2 concludes. Had a great time during trekking. Day 2 was more on the adventurous side and was equally beautiful. Also, at end of trek we witnessed a beautiful sunset. You can see the pictures I took.