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Jalori Pass

This is a high mountain pass in the Kullu District and is the one closest to Delhi. This place thus, finds a part in every tourist's travel itinerary. This is also the only pass which allows any kind of vehicle and also opens every year. The Mahakali Temple on top here is also known as Jalori Maa temple and is very popular among the tourists. The pass however remains closed during the peak winter months and thus you will have to find out before planning. There are cautions to be followed when you visit this place such as driving at first gear only is compulsory. The curvy roads give the most marvelous views of the Himalayas.
Abhishek Tyagi
Jalori pass, again, is a treat to eyes. The lush green valley and cool breeze blowing right through the face made our day.
Around 3pm they decided to go to Jalori pass which was only 5km away, I somehow had low BP as I didn’t sleep in the car and felt some lack of oxygen as well. Anyways, we started for Jalori pass.The trek/way looked very simple to me one can plan to walk or take your car simply. I could see people crossing the jungle & were making their way towards Jalori Pass. The top will give you an amazing view.The area of Jalori Pass is, quite simply a natural paradise. There are many tuck shops you can have Snacks like Pahadi Maggi, Eggs, Pakoras etc.I noticed that there was no washroom at Jalori pass few of the girls were struggling and looked like they had tough time, they went quite down to the dense Jungle to relieve themselves. To reconfirm I asked a chai wala if there is any washroom, he said “Mam jungle mai chele jao”.Dhauladhar range is quite far but from the top you will find it very near and will not stop gazing the snow-capped mountains, there is a temple as well you can pay your visit if you wish to.We came back after two hours of enjoyable time clicking pictures and has some Maggi too. Took some rest as soon as we hit the home-stay. About 9pm we heard some noise of others, everyone was out to enjoy bon fire, we also got out and had good time like 2am in the morning, We talking about ghost, Travel stories and much more.ay 2
Anandita Pattnaik
It's owned by a guy called Ved. He and his family are simply amazing! Fresh orange juices and trout fishes straight from the river. Infinite bliss!So you know whenever you travel somewhere you have this wishlist of the things you want to see/do. We wanted to witness a snowfall. And we did on our trek to Serolsar lake from Jalori pass. It was one one of those phenomenal moment that you could hold onto forever. Those little, squishy, vanilla white balls of ice on my jacket. It was my first time and I was ecstatic. We all lost our snowfall-virginity. :DJalori pass is an hour drive from Wayward Inn. And it's a 2 hrs trek from there to Serolsar lake. The trek is again splendid! With lush green trees, mind-blowing meadows, tricky trails and in the end the half frozen lake. Superb!The break-bone trek and the half-frozen lakeLooking back now, I'm glad we chose to go to the finger-numbing, bone-freezing north in the winter. Cause like they say there is something special about having ice-creams in winter. Those who've had it would know what I mean. And those who've been up north in the winter would feel what I felt.Lessons Learnt/ Tips for future trips:Long distance travel is way more comfortable via plane/train/Volvo buses wherever possible.If you have to book cabs, do it via a reputed and reliable agency. Do NOT contact the driver directly. It's a rip-off and they're answerable to no one. You might be left in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night (actually way past mid) and you can do nothing about it.Airbnb rocks!Trout fishes are a delight.You definitely need good shoes if you are going trekking cause you never know when the sole might come off.You should have a packet of Parle-G with you always (for yourselves, dogs or to show the police)There is always someone who wants to poop! Even when you're climbing downhill, in the middle of nowhere.You don't necessarily want to know where the water in your bottle came from.You should never leave your ultra-fluffy, fleece footwear right outside the bathroom. Someone might just use it, after asking you of course.Check for your valuables (like things of utmost importance - read cellphone) before leaving the room.Boys find extremely absurd things funny. Like someone saying 'hain' in a video.Word games can give you sleepless nights. Avoid playing them for your own sanity.Scissors are handy.There are sadistic people everywhere.Some people are perfectly capable of proving their idiocy by forgetting the pass code of their goddamn phone at vital moments. Like when you need to enter the movie hall and the tickets are in your phone!Or how you can travel in the complete opposite direction of your destination and somehow you're aware that you're doing so, cause everything looks so different, yet you do it.Leaving things to destiny is a good or a bad idea is something only time can tell.Until next time. Au revoir!To follow me on my epic journeys around the world, click here. 
Sameer Wadhwani
We woke up at 9 am, had breakfast and drove up to Jalori pass:
Sameer Wadhwani
The goal was to reach Jibhi after crossing Jalori pass before sundown. But had it been so easy, then the story wouldn't be as interesting as the reality! A landslide demanded that we take some alternative route to reach Jalori Pass which we were not aware of, nor was google able to efficiently guide as the offroad path suggested in navigation was leaving at an abrupt end point up the hills!Thankfully a localite spotted our ambivalence about the road and asked to follow them as they were also going to Jalori only. It was imperative that we kept behind him on his trail closely since apparently, we were traversing 'mid-air' on an uncharted route which is not even visible in Google maps, so couldn't afford to lose sight of him otherwise we would have gotten lost somewhere in the mountains!(wow :D)
anshul akhoury
Saryolsar Lake – Most of the people who visit Jalori Pass either travel forward or return to Tirthan Valley, but little do they know that there is a small trek that leads to Saryolsar Lake or as locally known, the abode of Budhi Nagin. This trek is open all year round and is best experienced during the winters when the whole route is covered in snow.
Disha Kapkoti
Hike to Lambri top and Jalori PassThe village of Sarchi also serves as a base camp for the treks to Lambri Top and Jalori Pass. Lambri top is the ridge that connects Tirthan Valley to the Seraj Valley and trekkers have identified this as a great outdoor spot for camping. You can also trek to the more famous Jalori Pass which is a day's hike from Lambri Top.
I woke up at 7:30am finding my friends snoozing. I walked out of my room into the portico and found my furry friend anxiously waiting for me. I grabbed a chair and sat with my feet up on the railing. I kept listening to the sound of the water while I slightly patted Jumpy (the dog who accompanies you on treks). I was so lost in nature. No memories from the city life. My soul was finding its oxygen in the nature. My soul felt like there are places where it can breathe, places like Tirthan!We had a long trek aligned for today. Jalori Pass - a 10km trek that had great adventures and experiences awaiting for us.Gaurav (our coordinator) asked us to get ready by 9:30am, and we ate breakfast and left at around 10am. It was an 1.5hr long drive to Maa Kaali Mandir, which was our starting point of the trek. Do grab a few bottles of water as you won't find any halts/stalls until you reach the top.Trekking is all about the journey. The destination is only a bonus. Usually I am high on photography while travelling, and am constantly clicking pictures. Today, I didn't care about frames and shadows, lightings or poses. All I cared was how amazing this place is. How amazing everything around me is actually happening in the very moment. Diabolical creatures have not been able to destroy this one little heaven and for that I am truly thankful to God.We didn't care about the rain or the weather, the muddly path or the crooked path. We were high on life today, and we had decided to stay blazed. The trek was long. We started at around 12noon. Dead leaves made it a little easier at some places by increasing the friction. Although at some points we were experiencing some difficulties especially when one had to cross some mini waterfalls.Halfway through our trek, Aman bhayyia made us climb a small hill present alongside our trek path (you would always have a lucrative experience with Aman bhayyia). This hill had the most amazing view. Dense clouds surrounded us. Tiny wild flowers covered the entire hill and the grass was greener that any filter present on any social app! After a few clicks later, Aman bhayyia suggested that we must meditate here. I took off my shoes. My friend fired up her portable speakers. Aman bhayyia played a spiritual track. We all sat on the moist grass, crossed legs and closed our eyes in the hope to connect our soul with nature.We meditated while the track was playing in the background. Trust me when I say this. I felt surreal. I felt liberated. I really don't know about others, but I was in my spiritual/divine place.Before I started this trip, I was in a mess. To the extent that only my best friend knew every hardship I was going through at that moment. When I met her at the bus stand I hugged her tight and thanked her for being there for me. Couldn't include family for the very obvious reasons - did not want to be a disappointment.I am writing this very personal piece of my life here in this social blog because I want to convey this to the world that when Kate Douglas Wiggin said - 'There is some kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed' she was hell right.That session of meditation and divine connection with nature changed me a little. I got down that hill and strolled further leaving my crew behind. Found a rock to sit on, and stared into the sky through the tall pine trees. I felt peace. I realised what peace was. It was an emotional moment for me. All those bad/weird thoughts I had before I was here felt like a big mistake. I was glad I did not go through it. My karma and destiny was giving me hope and I was ready to be hopeful. I felt powerful and positive. Something I haven't felt together for quite some time.My friends joined my after a while. We played some new songs on our portable and continued out trek. On our way to Serolsar Lake, Aman bhayyia narrated some interesting ancient stories - more like what locals have been saying over the years.The lake is a place of worship. Many years ago a 'tantrik' came here to dry up the lake (Initially it was so massive that noone had access to it). The lake got it's holy aura when Lord Shiva visited Serolsar. Its said that there are two birds who are always looking after the lake and do not let even a single leaf fall over it.While we were engrossed in these stories we realised that it had started to rain. Carrying umbrellas or raincoats was a very wise decision. We had almost reached our destination. Everyone stopped at the tea/maggie stall and decided to rest (bad idea, always rest once you have reached the final point). Loads of hot tea, chocolates and maggie was consumed.
Option 2 Visit Jalori Pass & trek around 6 Kms to reach to Serolsar Lake. Road to Jalori is one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Remember to drive ONLY in first gear!!
anshul akhoury
Banajr – Jalori Cycle Trail The main road leading from Banjar to Jalori is also a popular trail between the cyclists. While cycling, you pass through a number of small villages and come across mesmerizing view points. The forest trail is the most beautiful part of this cycling trip.
Sekhar  Borah
After relaxing there for an hour, we filled our lungs with fresh mountain air and climbed down to the tea stall. By that time we were all hungry. We ordered rajma chawal and maggi. Rajma chawal was awesome. Pakash had only chai. After the food my wife and her cousin sat there for some time and I went to explore nearby areas. I moved towards the right side of the tea stall and saw a small pond. Some local kids were swimming there. Some sheep were grazing near the pond. I went to the pond and washed my face. The water was very cold. I returned to stall and we started our journey back. We walked for an hour, took many photo breaks and finally we reached Jalori pass
Sekhar  Borah
Next day we woke up early. Breakfast was ready by 8 am. We had aloo paratha, cornflakes, boiled egg and tea. After the pet puja, we headed towards jalori pass by my car. Prakash told us that Jalori pass is 7 km from jibhi but did not informed us about the road condition. First 2 kms was ok. Then came the toughest part of the entire journey. I have never seen a road in such a horrible condition. I was so terrified as the road was filled with small boulders and was very steep (may be 40-50 degree inclined).I was driving a maruti astar with 64 BHP power and 170mm ground clearance. At some point I found it impossible to drive as the tyres were slipping over the pebbles and the boulders. Somehow I managed to cover that portion of road and reached jalori pass. Later when I heard that that road is a state highway I was shocked. This road connects Shimla with mandi. Anyhow elevation of Jalori pass is around 10800 feet. I parked my car near a tea stall. Prakash showed us the trail that leads to the lake. One can see the pir pranjal range from there. The trails goes through a dense wood. Prakash started to tell us his experiences on trekking. He had done a mountaineering course and he frequently goes on trekking. The trail is pretty straight. We met few people coming from Chandigarh and Delhi on the way. After 1 hour trekking through jungle and frequent photo breaks, we saw some man made caves. Prakash told us that those were very old. My wife and her cousin climbed up to the caves and clicked some pictures. We were amazed by the architecture. After spending some time there we moved on. Soon we reached a flat land and saw a tea stall and some foreigner sitting there having tea and maggi. We walked for another 20 m and saw a beautiful lake. The lake is nestled on a small valley surrounded by mountains. The water was greenish. We walked by the side of the lake and climbed up to a small cliff above the lake. The scenery from the top was stunning I have no words to express the beauty of that place. We sat there for an hour enjoying the captivating landscapes. There were very few people in that place and we were surrounded by tranquillity of nature. There is a Mandir near the lake. There were still snow patches on some places.
Monidipa Bose
The next day we decided to explore further and higher. We decided to go and check the village of Gada gushaini, which is 55 kms from the Kullu town. We started early from Sarsai, stopped for a heavy brunch just before the Aut tunnel, and reached Jibhi by mid day. After crossing Jibhi, we came across a fork in the road. One went to the Jalori pass and the other road went to Gada gushaini. We stood there undecided, and on a sudden whim my friend decided to drive towards the Jalori pass. The road to this pass is extremely rough, goes through deep forests, with long uninhabited stretches interspersed with small villages in between. As we drove higher and higher, my friend started showing signs of indecision on whether to turn back or not, as there was no snow. As she dithered, we took a turn, and voila, the road ahead had small piles of snow on both sides. We had reached the village of Sojha, and the scenario suddenly changed. There was snow all around us and wherever we looked.
Neeraj Dhiman
Jalori Pass is almost 80 Kms from Kullu and 150kms from shimla can be considered as a stunning place for trekking and picnic. One can create an everlasting memory, etched within their hearts, gearing up with their bag, lunch and gear and proper footwears to enjoy the stunning view of the great Himalayas with Dhauladhar stretched in a line peaking from far behind… as time flies. Trekking on this beautiful trail takes the tourists to the mesmerizing places like Shoja, Sereolsar Lake, Sakiran, Lambri, Bashleo and the Great Himalayan National Park.
Athena Mondal
As darkness descended at 10800 ft, a little scarlet Swift hurtled up the mountain road to Jalori Pass. It was a night where the half the moon lit up the pine trees and the stars twinkled mischievously at the four souls making their way to some peace.
Nidhi Sharma
Ashish Bhardwaj
Yogesh Kardile
atul sharma
On the way to overnight camping
Bhupender  Singh
6 km from Khanag is this glorious pass called Jalori Pass,hardly 20 mt long road on top & steep descend to both the sides of pass (reminds me of activation barrier of chemistry class studied in college days).
Panki Sood
One of the oldest routes to enter the Kullu is through this 10300 feet high Pass . Full of snow till May . Jalori pass is A a lovely walk to Seryolsar lake ( 5 kms ) Leveled walk from beautiful Golden oak Forest .
Sambhav Poddar
Karan Jaiswal
Jalori Pass, Ht 3100 meters, We started driving from Trithan Valley to Banjar (15 Km Aprrox) and on the way we given lift to a local Girl Mamta Thakur; we were shocked to here she was coming from Kullu only by walking; we parked our car at Banjar (our vehicle was not able to move ahead because of snow) and started our trek around 8 am in the morning, from our starting point the distance to jalori pass was 16 km Mamta thakur was from Shoja village which was almost half the way of jalori pass. we walked togthere upto Shoja with her, then she invited us to her house and offered us maggie and guided us which rout to follow for jalori pass, Jalori Pass is an awesome trek we witnessed good landscapes, snowfileds, Naggar castle and ends on Jalorri pass i.e. 3223 Meters, if you follow the same rout u can also trek upto shimla and Manali. The view from jalori pass was breath taking, astonishing, And atmosphere with fresh Oxygen :)
Apoorv Ahlawat
Fresh white snow everywhere, snowball fights and animal tracking time!
Ankit Sood
The drive to Jalori pass crossing the busy markets of Banjar, the quaint villages of Jibhi & Ghyagi and the magical views of Shojha is a must do when coming to Tirthan valley. Though only 30 km from Tirthan the drive easily takes around 2 hours as there is a steep incline towards the pass located at 3000 meters. From here you can either venture into the depths of one of the biggest oak jungles towards Sesolasr Lake or trek to the highs of Raghavpur Garh which has views to die for. If one has more time and want to really experience the mountains you can camp at Lambri Top or the Sakiran Top and trek back to Tirthan from there. Raghupur Fort: Raghupur welcomes you with snow-capped peaks. This picturesque site, located at approximately 3,540 m, has an old fort built by the Kulu king. The fort is surrounded by wide trenches with a small pond inside. The walls of the fort are marked by bullet holes from sieges. There is a good camping ground here as well as fantastic views of the Outer Seraj valley. Sareulsar lake: Sareul is a small lake (or a large pond) located at about 3,050m. This lake is tranquil and known for being the seat of local goddess Budhi Nagin. Pilgrims walk around the lake, pouring an unbroken line of ghee. This is good camping ground with small caves to explore. The area is surrounded by dense forests interspersed with meadows of wild flowers. Lambhari Top: At 3,600 m, Lambhari offers beautiful views of the Himalayan peaks. Additionally, there is an abundance of effective ayurvedic/naturopathic plants growing in the area, including Kauri, Patish, Losar, Talshi, Chunkari, Tangul and Dhupnu. Sakiran Top: The Skirandhar ridge leading to Lambhari offers beautiful views of the Himalayas at Sakiran. There is a beautiful temple of Rishi Shringiji.