A girl's guide to travel solo

Photo of A girl's guide to travel solo by LaFemmeTravelStory

Traveling on my own has always been a privilege and the most soul fulfilling for me. I feel comfortable, relaxed, rejuvenated and vibrant when I am on my own in the unknown territories. My first trip on my own was when I was 17 years old and from there on there was no looking back!

Since then, I have been a backpacker, a tour guide for women groups, solo traveler to the remote locations and slowly expanding my wings onto the other continents. I have made and continue making lifelong friends, learn new traditions, take something back from the place I travel to and leave a part of my heart to the places I go to! I believe traveling solo is one thing to be experienced by all.

Here are some of the tips for your solo trip:

1. Do the Dare!

Order beer for lunch, eat that cake for breakfast, go to the busy popular bar and get that table for one. Read books when while, carry that sketch book or diary around indulge in wherever you want to. Dont worry about the crowd or people staring you so much. Enjoy the solitude and blur the people of a while!

2. Wise commute

I always prefer to reach my destination during the day time to make the most of it, especially when traveling to the mountains. This means, I usually am taking those odd 2 AM flights, catching that overnight bus or train. While it may seem daunting, it is the best time saver while catching up on some sleep and waking up energized to start your vacation!

3. Find Yourself!

Be different that you usually are in your routine! Get that slot to the bungee jumping, seek adventure, book a course to learn new skills, get outdoors, try the new cuisine, enjoy the local music. Simply get on with the top of your social skills, learn a few words in the new language and discover a new you!

4. Use Smartphones smartly

Buy the local sim card, have screenshots of your bookings, passports, a few helpful words to get you around locally. Install the weather app if the weather keeps continuously changes. Get that google translator pre installed, use the maps on phone when you have to!

5. Bling and Baggage

Keep your bags small with essentials and your bling at bay! I am 100% a rucksack person, keeping my hands free while I travel. You also, dont want to attract unnecessary attention with all the expensive jewelry on you when traveling solo. Plus, its a plus to travel light from home, you can stock up your shopping without additional bags!

6. Trust that sixth sense

Instincts matter and should be listened to! Your subconscious contains a wealth of knowledge that your conscious self overlooks, and this is what instincts are. It is therefore better to give your gut instinct or intuition a little more weight and to follow your lead. You could choose to ignore it and then realize it afterwards.

Enjoy your travels and stay tuned for more!