Why you need to step out for a solo trip?


Still thinking upon to step out for a solo trip? If yes, then this will certainly convince you to do it right away!

There are advantages to travel solo instead of traveling to many, and it is certainly helpful to try both styles of stays. Too often, however, travel experiences are very unbalanced in this area. Most people I've met traveling exclusively with their companions and have never had the opportunity to perform a solo journey. It is a mistake, because the solo trip is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and the best personal experiences you can have. If you have never tried traveling solo, I recommend you seriously. Consider some of the following reasons why traveling alone is totally awesome:

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1- Meet travel companions: There are many different characters to meet when you're traveling. In fact, some of the most interesting people I met were companions encountered in my travels. These people often have a rare knowledge, a great sense of humor, a unique state of mind, and travel experience in the most remote corners of the world.

2- Go to meet local people: In most countries you will visit, local people will be very interested to talk with you. However, if you are already engaged in a conversation with a friend, the premises may be reluctant to start a conversation. This is unfortunate, because the opportunity to befriend a local can give you a better overview of the country you visit and will help you to really understand the underlying culture. In many cases, you may even be invited to dinner, you will meet family or friends in the local person, and you will even be invited to spend the night in a guesthouse. By spending time with a local, you acquire a unique and unforgettable experience that most travelers have never had.

3- To have total freedom to do anything (or do nothing): When traveling alone, you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. This includes the departure date you choose, the countries you plan to visit, the activities you engage, the food you eat, the time at which you want to get up every day, and many other aspects of the trip . If you feel stressed, you can absolutely choose to have some rest and relaxation for the whole day, the choice is all yours. Traveling alone is a much more efficient mode of travel, while any decision you make can be executed immediately. You do not need to consult others or to compromise.

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4- Learning new languages: If you are traveling with companions or group, you will probably be less inclined to practice the local language or you will have fewer opportunities to do so. It would be to your detriment, because apart from make friends with the locals, another gateway to understanding a culture is to learn its language. The people who speak English well tend to be of a higher class or privileged people, to improve your language skills you will interact with more ordinary people, giving you a more accurate perception of the country. In addition, local people usually like travelers who respect and try to speak their language, so that your linguistic efforts can then greatly improve your overall travel experience.

5- Facing the challenge: Being alone in a foreign country makes you vulnerable and forces your mind to work in a state of consciousness. You must develop resourcefulness, assertiveness, ability to read people, and a level of skepticism about everything people tell you. After a while, you will become a stronger person and you will be amazed at your ability to cope with difficult situations. Suddenly, obstacles and difficulties you encountered before in your work and in your life seem comparative trifles to travel tribulations of every day. In other words, traveling alone is a great character builder.

6- Try new things and become a new person: Why travel alone? Quite simply, it's great to have no witnesses around, or connections to your past. When you are with a companion, there is already a set of expectations knowing what kind of person you are. Unconsciously, you will stay in your old state of mind due to the presence of a familiar observer. When traveling alone, however, it is much easier to get out of your shell and grow in new directions since you are start with a new slate every new social interaction. So you will be more inclined to try new things like learning salsa, drink and sing with the locals, or to approach and talk to women (or men) attractive. Similarly, since there is no connection to your past life, you finally have control over the travelogue is tell back home.

7. Comments, ideas and introspection: When traveling alone, you are not distracted by the fact amuse your friend. Instead, you have the ability to completely observe the outside world that unfolds around you. You will notice the smallest details and become attentive to the invisible mood that pervades a place. Moreover, traveling alone gives you more time to reflect on the experiences of the day.