Reason you should Travel solo once in a life.

Photo of Reason you should Travel solo once in a life. by Harpreet singh

No doubt traveling with friends and family is a rewarding experience and the laugh you share will bind you for the life time.

On the other hand traveling solo is a great experience too, you will learn how to navigate through unfamiliar territory and learn how to have a great time without the company of others.


Yeeaahh man! the biggest reason people like to travel solo: doing things by yourself gives you more freedom.

you don't have to depend upon others,

Traveling with friends will force you to stick with them whether its your interest or not.

Most of the time are spent in arguing about where to go next and then finally going no-where sitting into the same 4x4.

while on the other hand going solo no one stops you to go wherever you want to go,

whether its a 6 am destination or 2 am fun, you are a free man so fly with your own flow.

Solo but not alone::::

Yes you read it right, Not all solo travelers are alone, it totally depends on what type of backpacker you are but, you'll always find the new mates on the go, some can last for life time.

for solo travelers i personally recommend to stay in hostel it is the best place to meet people around the world.

just shout out your day plan and see how people will join you for the day trip or for the dinner.

there are the apps for backpackers which will help you to meetup with the new people on the go!

You will be forced to hop out of your confy::::

When you travel alone, you will learn to be decisive;

you will be making every decision alone. From where to eat, to what time to wake up, to what sights to see,

and which airline to use, traveling solo forces you to rely on yours truly. As you realize you can make good choices without help from others, you will likely trust your instincts more,

and this new found self-assurance and confidence will be helpful in many areas of your life.

build confidence::::

Out of confy.. always builds your Confi.. so head out give your self a chance to be truly you, u'll get to know good & bad side of you. you will magnify your emotions. you are more approachable. you will meet more locals when you travel solo which will force you to co-ordinate with them. even if you are not prepared for anything stepping out wil gain confidence. you'll be facing various type of situations .

Change in your own plans any time::::

You have the bridle of your own plans so direct it the way you want. whether you want to do walk tour or relax somewhere and enjoy your coffee it's up to you. it is the glorious thing to do what you want & when you want without interruption of others.