A lake that gets cleaned up by the birds - Serolsar Lake (Saryolsar Lake)

1st Mar 2019

If you have read my previous blog, you must be knowing that the Budhi Nagin resides in her golden palace at the bottom of Serolsar Lake.

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(The story is pretty interesting in the previous blog)

Before I start with the story, you’d be amazed by one thing when you visit this lake.

Around the lake, you’ll see many leaves and twigs fallen (from the surrounding trees), but none in the lake. The water of the lake always remains clean.

Surprising enough?

Here’s why is it so.

Photo of A lake that gets cleaned up by the birds - Serolsar Lake (Saryolsar Lake) 1/1 by S S (Saurabh Sabikhi)

The surrounding areas of the lake used to have several birds living around. These birds also made their nests on the trees surrounding the lake. But that meant leaves, twigs, feathers falling into the lake. Some snakes who used to come and worship the Budhi Nagin didn’t like the lake getting dirty and they started eating up the eggs and even the new-borns of the birds living there. The population of the birds started decreasing drastically.

But the birds did not want to leave their beautiful home, around Serolsar. So the birds pleaded the goddess, the Budhi Naagin to help them.

Budhi Naagin understood their plight and came to a treaty, that the birds would ensure that the lake remains clean and no snake would attack them or their new-borns.

The treaty is still respected by the birds in the region. Every time a twig or a leaf falls in the lake, you can see a bird immediately pick it up from the lake, to ensure it remains clean.

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