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Batal- Spiti Valley #TripotoTakeMeToDeoriatal

Writers don't speak. They write.
When they write, it is not their mind but heart from where words flow.
Every word, every letter that comes out has a string of feelings attached to it.

But he doesn't write so people appreciate him.
He doesn't write so people follow him or he earns a hefty sum.
He writes just so people can connect themselves with him and feel what he feels.
His heartly success depends on the depth of this connection.

In similar way, this world has been created.
Every particle of the sand is meant of something, speaks for something.
And when you, the reader, connect with it; understand the meaning of it all, that is when you encounter with the motto of your life and the world comes at peace because it has delivered the message it had intended to convey you.

Heart says- "Take an adventure. Seize the opportunity. Read the signs. Reach you Destiny."

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