7 Reasons why you should NOT marry a backpacker


"There is science, logic, reason, there is thought verified by experiences. And then there is TRAVEL" - Wanderlust

#1. He is very bad Husband.

Yes, it's true. Here's an example. He may not depend on you, to give him something to eat. At times, when you have a fight or a heated argument, he might just cook something out of nothing. And he is completely OK to eating it alone.

#2. He is totally fine sleeping on the sofa

It's like "been there, done that" kind of a thing to him. Nothing new; he has slept peacefully in the most unfavorable conditions & surfaces. So the sofa makes it to the list of luxury items.

#3.Warning.. lots of practical bargaining ahead.

This usually may work in your favor. He can get any thing at a good price. But when it comes to negotiating with you, be careful, you may end up getting the short end of the stick. For example, instead of buying you some expensive / romantic gift, you might end up with new curtains for your house or simply settle for a movie.

#4. Has a Secret love affair.

He obviously won't confess to this, because he does not want to break your heart, or make you feel bad. The truth is he feels much more cozy and comfortable in his sleeping bag. The reasons could vary from the fact that his sleeping bag doesn't speak when he is sleepy, or mind if his armpits stink after a whole day of travelling.

#5. A Story Teller.

It is a fact that he has a better set of stories than any granny in the world. He may never run out of weird, bitter-sweet accounts of his travelling life. Don't be jealous if your girlfriends give him more attention, by asking him about his new adventures, during your silly parties. As they say,"Frequent travel, merely lengthen the conversations, instead of broadening the mind".

#6. Different from the stereotype.

This guy is totally different from those "typical" husbands. For example, unlike others, he would encourage you to extend your stay at your parents'. Just so that he can take off on a quick journey in your absence.

#7. Serious hygiene issues.

With so much of travelling, it's pretty obvious he may forget routine chores. He may skip petty things, like bathing, for days or even weeks. Forget bathing, here's a little secret. He doesn't care if his teeth look pale. For him, the weight of a toothbrush and toothpaste is unnecessary extra weight in his backpack. So he leaves them at home. And soap with him is just for namesake. It generally looks almost the same at the end of the trip as was the original packed size.

I just realized that, by posting this I am killing any narrow hopes of getting a girlfriend. EVER. #FACEPALM*

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