Rediscovering Paradise

Photo of Rediscovering Paradise by Rini Soel

Clouds covering the range

Photo of Cart Road, Talland, Chotta Shimla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rini Soel

There you are!

Photo of Cart Road, Talland, Chotta Shimla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rini Soel

Well hello - The view

Photo of Cart Road, Talland, Chotta Shimla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rini Soel

Haunted house

Photo of Cart Road, Talland, Chotta Shimla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India by Rini Soel

This beautiful city has been almost every tourist attraction in Himachal. When I say I am from Himachal people automatically assume Shimla is my hometown. It's that famous. It's surrounded by beautiful fauna everywhere and whole city is built on the hills. I always wonder don't those people live in fear what if land slides?? Houses are literally on the top of each other. And now that is has become the attraction for every tourist, pollution in the town is also increasing. If you're reading this I request you all to please do not litter 🚯 make less use of plastic bottles, other plastic stuff and more use of recyclable ♻ material and dispose them in there defined place. Let's not be selfish and keep our places green and clean for our next generation to admire beauty. No, this is not an cleanliness awareness trip, it hurts my feelings when I see what the cities are transforming into.

This trip was long back when I had applied for my passport and I had to go to shimla for my appointment. All i needed was a reason to leave the old damned city and travel to mountains, so this was it. I booked my tickets, packed my rucksack, and my journey begun. My heart pounded and my gut tickled. This is the feeling I get every time I head out for something good.
This is the time when I had no Vehicle but the desire wasn't low even. I used to travel via bus a lot those days and I loved every travel of those times.
I couldn't possibly remember that day if it wasn't for that lady who sat next to me and we chatted almost half of our journey and then she passed out on my shoulder in sleep.
Bus dropped me at the stand my cousin came to pick me up from there. Took a shower at my brother's place and got ready for the only reason I was actually there. But, my luck and me doesn't usually play along so in the appointment obviously something had to go wrong and I missed a stamp from magistrate on  one of the document. So they rejected my appeal that day. I was disappointed. But, "hey, I am at shimla, why not make my day rather than laying low." I thought to myself.

So I came back, dropped my documents, picked up my bag and called my brother to meet me at our common point mall road, which was very near to the place I was staying.

Ice cream in chilly weather has it's own feeling, it calmed my disappointment a little. We met a local channa wala he's quite famous there, we both sat down to talk to him. People like these are gems and he was a little more than that. He sells one pudi (20 or 30 grams of roasted chickpeas) for 20bucks. How much could he sell in a day? 20 or maybe more at times... But how much is he taking home as savings? 400 or 500 at max?? And he is feeding his whole family in that amount. He has two children and his wife. He has 4 mouths to fill and how is he running the whole family? Like I said he is a little more than a gem 💎 God is with him and he is happy for whatsoever he is earning. May God gives more strength and power to him.

We headed to out next stop which was kalibari temple. I wish I only had more time to go jhaku temple but I hadn't so that was a list added to my future to-do's. I met a lady on my way to kalibari which I mentioned in my earlier published trip. I wonder we meet people on every turn in our life and everyone have their different story. It's just we don't notice or ignore to notice. And some pass away without even telling their story. I only wish I could hear those unheard stories and write about it.


Singing off! 
Rini soel