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Best Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad                       SOMASILA
Duration: 1 Day
Expenditure 700
Photos of Best Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad                       SOMASILA 1/12 by Prathibha pamujula
Sri Lalitha Someswara Swamy Temple - Somasila
Photos of Best Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad                       SOMASILA 2/12 by Prathibha pamujula
Sri Lalitha Someswara Swamy Temple - Somasila

Me & my batch we love to travel and we always roaming in the city without any plan almost we covered all places in the city ..,recently we visited Ananthagiri Hills its was just amazing place.,, this time we decided to go out & little bit far from city & we planed especially for Trekking

We started from Hyderabad around morning 8:00 am. After finishing our breakfast, we started for Panagal, We reached to wanaparthy around 11 am.. from their Panagal is 15 Km ,we stopped our car at Beautiful Place its Environment is full of Greenery, we spent their 30 min. we enjoyed the fresh air & Green fields , we had Selfie Session and again we started our journey to Panagal by following the Google map and asking the local people (one of craziest & Adventures part of this outing is we did not know the routes, we just followed the Google Maps & asking the Local People, in some areas there was no signal to show the routes at the same time there was no local people to suggest the routes, you just imagine what’s your feeling if you are In that situation….) finally we reached to PANAGAL at 12:15 pm.

Photos of Hyderabad, Telangana, India 1/1 by Prathibha pamujula

Actually We planned for trek to Panagal fort

Pangal Fort is one of the Famous Hill Forts in Telangana. It was built by Kalyani Chalukya Kings during 11th and 12th Centuries. The fort is spread across hundreds of acres with Seven Gateways. The Main entrance is called as Mundlagavini and is a special attraction of this fort. It was built with huge granite rocks. The ruins of the fort houses several monuments built with beautiful architecture, including Uyyala Mandapam and several water bodies.

But the local People said there is nothing more to Explore ,only one temple and water well & Uyyala Mandapam from the peak we could see around fields and place, but we had to trek for a long time almost 4 hrs. ,we disappointed there & we decided not to waste time we just googled any better places to explore by near …, Google said YES of course you have beautiful place to Explore… 100 No 1000 times better than Panagal fort that is SOMASILA ….

So total plan changed, from there we started our journey to SOMASILA by short cuts on the way we stopped our vehicle at Singotam (Singotam also called as Singapatnam is famous for the historic Sri Laxmi Narasimhaswamy temple, constructed 400 years back by the Jetaprolu Samsthana Kings of Surabhi dynasty.The temple is built on the bank of Singasamudram, a gigantic water reservoir spread across more than 10 kilometers area. ) we visited Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple and we explored the beautiful reservoir and famous for fishing contract..

Photos of Panagal, Telangana, India 1/2 by Prathibha pamujula
Photos of Panagal, Telangana, India 2/2 by Prathibha pamujula

Besides the reservoir, there is a small hillock, popularly known as Ratnagiri from the small peak we can see the around area and reservoir., where one small and old guesthouse is there, it has a magical view points. Really its a small but you can see the beautiful creature at that place, its have 3 view points from 1st view point you can see the Green Fields and hills, 2nd View point you can see the Reservoir and from 3rd you can see the Temple. It had small Corridor front of Entrance Covered with big Neem tree Branches ..we spent 30 min. there rain started falling with small sprinkle we left from there ..

we reached around 3:40pm we finished our lunch at kollapur.. it is a small town & Kollapur Mandal, with full of crowd we went Sunday I thought every Sunday people came from village and sell their vegetables here.. so that day small town looks busy busy…After 20 min Journey from kollapur We reached to SOMASILA

Photos of Kollapur, Telangana, India 1/2 by Prathibha pamujula
Photos of Kollapur, Telangana, India 2/2 by Prathibha pamujula

Somasila is a town located 120 kilometers from the Mahaboobnagar District in Telangana. The town is famous for its temples as it is blessed with 15 temples, which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are enshrined with Shivalings. The town is also famous for the Somasila Dam, located on the banks of the River Penna,Thungabadra, Krishna Sangamam. The dam offers picturesque views of the nature to the tourists and allows enjoying in the relaxed and peaceful ambience.

Photos of Somasila, Telangana, India 1/2 by Prathibha pamujula
Photos of Somasila, Telangana, India 2/2 by Prathibha pamujula

There are no rough roads or stones all you can see is a green carpet on all the sides you turn around and the middle of the valleys Krishna river there was only peace all around...This place have one special it’s a border of Telangana (Nagarkurnool Dist.) and Rayalaseema (Kurnool Dist.) Crossing the State Border through road is common thing ,Crossing the Borders by Boat and by Walk is different experience, I before never do this..

Photos of  1/3 by Prathibha pamujula
Photos of  2/3 by Prathibha pamujula
Photos of  3/3 by Prathibha pamujula

But I did this time we Crossed the Border by boat but its just 5 min Journey I feel why only 5 min why not more than few Hours at least more than 1 Hr. .. we went in end of June just monsoon started so there was no water in river, in monsoon it will full & we could do boat riding more time.. we get down from the ship we stepped on Rayalaseema (Kurnool Dist.) & visited Lord Shiva temple this small temple has open only 6 month remaining 6 month during the monsoon Krishna river covered around this place with flood.. We return back to somasila by boat we spent few hours there Surrounding these place was beautiful & Peace there was no crowd we sat down at Ghat & Enjoyed the Nature & Greenery....

Around 7 pm we Started towards Hyderabad.

It was too difficult to leave this place but had to bid a good bye. With global warming on one side, such places give us some hope that there is some way we can still sustain our lives for few more years.

How to Reach:

From Hyderabad its take 7 Hrs. for Round Trip, better to go through NagarKarnoo by car. Drive from NH765 Kalwakurthy - Raghupathipet Rd- Nagarkurnool - Kollapur - Somasila

Best Time to Visit:

* In full monsoon you could see the Krishna river with full of water & you can enjoy the boating.

* In Winter & Summer you could see the Green carpet floor & valleys around there.

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