Photo of BIT OF ME! by Diksha Ranjan

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. but i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep".  -Robert Frost.  

This is one of my favorite! my mind, heart and soul sings this most of the time. As i kept moving forward, i felt different every single moment. But i loved those difference and embraced it gladly :). I saw small small but beautiful transformations taking place. Both in mountains and in me as well. 

Being a female solo traveler, some really admired immensely for the courage and initiatives on the other hand, many criticized vehemently and use to mock. But, I continued to be wild hearted, savage and sensitive. I continued to pray to my lord Jesus. and he answered! He is strength. 

i believe in movement, just keep moving forward, no matter what! i always want excitement, danger,to love everyone, friendships, new bonding's and many more. well, this was just a bit of me!

Stay tuned for knowing more about the heart of a female solo traveler. 

Into the wild!

Photo of BIT OF ME! by Diksha Ranjan