Delhi Restaurants charge Rediculously!

15th Jul 2020
Photo of Delhi Restaurants charge Rediculously! by Shivornia Photography
Day 1

So this post is me complaining about how unreasonable the charges are in delhi cafes and restaurants, and before you  even think of me as a broke person and make fun of me for not being more like aakash ambani. Let me just stop you right there because this is not about me. You can personally attack me later. But right now I don't know who dosen't have a problem with this but the unreasonable price charged by these cafes for salads and drinks is absolutely rubbish. Just to sit in a good ambience with good company, is it fine for these basic restaurants with fancy ambience, sometimes mediocre in posh areas to charge us with prices that just makes you question the whole thing and think twice before meeting your friends. I understand you have a rent to pay but why that has to come from our pockets in the form of a basic papaya, lettuce and mango salad. I paid freaking 1500 for  a salad and 400 for the most basic pineapple juice with a fancy name.
Let's do the "Hisaab" a.k.a calculation of what they fed me. Lettuce - 30, papaya- 50, mango, 40.
I understand you want to make money. Take 200 for 120 rupees food. Fine I am rich take 300.
But for fuck sake why are you adding up your switzerland travel expenses to my bill. Who the fuck told you that I can afford a 1500 rupees papaya. It was not even delicious. I am eating a salad because my crush is there, now I am thinking what if I had ordered our proper indian food. They for sure had taken my car for that!
I just have one thing to say. Your food is basic, stop charging us this amount. Because anyway during lockdown I have learnt to cook some great food. I dont need you much. But you do need us bruh...
  Everytime I see the bill I just go-
Tumhari maa chor k gai thi ya tumhara baap.

Photo of Delhi Restaurants charge Rediculously! by Shivornia Photography