Devarayanadurga hill

23rd May 2017
Photo of Devarayanadurga hill by Guru Naik

The mighty rocks. The greenery. The rushing wind. And the sun. This is the point where your ride can join you to feel the very pleasant view from the edge of the rock. The place is dangerous. It requires guts to place your ride at the edge. Next thing... Sit at the edge, stretching your legs outside the rock, you will definitely feel the joy in you. The blue skies and the green trees below will make all the differences. Perfect place to ride on one day off. ;)

I was watching riding videos in YouTube. As I was scrolling I found a channel called Bigbang. As the name was interesting it made me to watch some of the videos. He has shot good videos giving detailed information about the places which he has covered. Good work Bro. Over there I came across this place called Devarayanadurga hill. I found it really magnificent. So I decided to ride to this place. I Google the place, found how far it is from my location and noted down how to go and where all I need to visit. Collected some important things into my tank bag and everything was set.

Next day I started my ride sharp at 7.  My house is located in BTM, Bengaluru and the hill is 94kms from my house. I took the Nice Road way,  which is the most convenient way, Very much like butter..

Nice Road

Photo of Devarayanadurga hill by Guru Naik

Now I have covered 80kms and last 14kms left. There I see the first view of the hill. I didn't find that great, it was just like a normal hill. Note: Never underestimate any hill. Soon you will come to know why I have written the note.

First view of the hill

Photo of Devarayanadurga hill by Guru Naik

I reached near a hill and there it starts the serpent way. This is always the best part of all the riders. 

Serpent Way

Photo of Devarayanadurga hill by Guru Naik

Finally I reached the top point. There are small shops and I met a person called Arun. He is a fellow man who works in a shop. He was very kind. We exchanged few words &  that made us to know each other. I requested him to a join my trip as he was a fellow man and also he knew very much about this place. He told the importance of this place and few places to visit nearby.


Photo of Devarayanadurga hill by Guru Naik

I visited a temple which is located on top of the hill. The temple opens at 10:30 pm.  There is holy pond near the temple which is well maintained. The view from the top of the hill is really mesmerizing.

View from top of the hill

Photo of Devarayanadurga hill by Guru Naik

Arun told me that he will show me the better view than this and I was like, are you serious? He replied yes! He took me to the place which is down the hill and I was wondering what will be here. I was very much excited to see the view. The way to view was closed. As he was a localitie he removed the barricade to me.  Thank you very much Arun. Then he takes me to the most beautiful view point I have ever seen till date.

The view point

Photo of Devarayanadurga hill by Guru Naik

That was really amazing view. There is big rock on top of another rock and it's half is extended outside the hill. The rock is very rigid. Even you can keep your ride on that rock. The view from that point is very very beautiful.

The green hills touches the blue sky. The hill which didn't impress me in a greater way far from 14 kms, the same hill just made my day.  The greenery is spread like ocean and the blue sky is covering it. There is no pollution,  no honking, no deadlines. Nothing. It's just you, your favourite music and the nature.

I would like to state that Nature is really gorgeous G O R G E O U S and we need to save it.

The best time to visit this place is early morning or at dusk. 
I will never forget this place and also you, Mr.Arun. Thank you very much. If you were not there,  I would not find this place. I left Arun to his shop and rode back to my sweet home.

This is my first travel story which I am publishing. Please let me know how it is and how better I can express.

One done many more to come.