This Unspoiled Village in West Bengal is The Best Hidden Gem You Can Explore!

Photo of This Unspoiled Village in West Bengal is The Best Hidden Gem You Can Explore! by Kuntala Banerjee

The state of West Bengal is patronized by history, culture and natural wonders. Duarsini is one such scintillating destination often overshadowed by the other popular tourist spots of the state. But once you visit the place, you will be spellbound by its simplicity and tranquility. The lush greenery is a treat to the eyes. The chirping of the birds create an intoxicating feeling in the minds of the travelers visiting Duarsini.

The enigmatic flora:

The entire area of Duarsini is surrounded by the dense trees and forests. The common among them being Simul, Piyal, Sal, and the Palash. The vivid landscape flourishes with greenery circumference by small hillocks and fields. Watching the villagers farming in the fields amid the serene natural beauty is a beautiful experience. Several medicinal plants and herbs can be found growing inside the forests.

Photo of This Unspoiled Village in West Bengal is The Best Hidden Gem You Can Explore! 2/5 by Kuntala Banerjee

Get closer to the wildlife:

If you are interested in wildlife or if you are a wildlife photographer, Duarsini is a perfect place to watch the animals and birds in their natural habitat. Bird watchers can spend quality time clicking some magnificent photos of the local and water birds. Wolves, bears, elephants and hyenas, have been spotted by travelers at the forests surrounding the village. The best part is to sit and relax at the banks of the river Satgudum and watch the water birds like cranes, herons, and kingfisher wade past across the river waters.

The tribal communities and their lives:

The prevalent tribal communities dwelling in the village are mainly the Munda, Sabar, Kheriya and Santhals. You can mingle with them to acquaint with their daily life, food habits, culture and language. It is interesting to watch the bonding that exist between the tribes, celebrating several social and religious events in mutual harmony. Tribal songs and dances form a phenomenal part of their culture. If you are lucky to visit at the time of such events, then you can witness the interesting culture and traditions of the tribes.

Things to do in and near Duarsini:

Venture into the forests aided by a guide to witness and observe the wildlife. Stroll along the village trails and the field side to refresh and soothe your minds with the fresh breeze in the air. Work hand in hand with the villagers in the fields and feel the rural life. Avail a safari along the banks of the river Satgudum and soak into the pristine beauty of this wondrous hamlet.

There are villages nearby Duarsini, populated by the Kheriya, Munda and Santal tribes. You can visit the villages for experiencing moments of solitude secluded from the crowded and busy city life. Galudih and Bhalopahar are located close to Duarsini. You can visit the barrage constructed over the Subarnarekha river. Bhalopahar, is significant for its manmade forests and beautiful hills. The serpentine roads embracing the hills intensify the captivating view of the landscape.

How to reach?

The nearest airport is at Kolkata, located at a distance of approximately 270 km from Duarsini. From the airport, you can book a cab to Purulia and then towards Duarsini. The other option is to board a train from Kolkata to reach Ghatshila railway station. Book a cab to Duarsini, about 25 km away from Ghatshila. If you are travelling by road from Kolkata, it will be a 6 hours journey.

Best Time to visit:

You can visit the place any time during the year. However from October till April, the weather is comparatively pleasant and moderate. The green vegetation flourishes to its peak during these months.

Where to stay?

West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WDFDC) Forest Bungalow. The per day tariff is INR 600. Contact Numbers are - 03252-222604 and 9475039889. For booking, you need to contact: DG Block, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091. Phone: (033) 2358 5189, Fax: 2359 8292. Email:,,

Duarsini is now gaining popularity among the locals in the state preferably to spend a weekend getaway amid the surreal calmness of the village. It's mystic beauty is quite alluring and enticing.

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