Explore the unexplored!

26th May 2021
Photo of Explore the unexplored! by sagar rai
Day 1

This was my first solo trip so i decided to explore Rishikesh like never before, wants to know about some unexplored places in Rishikesh?

So here's all the details how i spend a whole day in nature's lap.
It was 5 in the morning and i just went out of my hotel room with some sandwiches and water bottle, i started moving towards Beatles Aashram also known as (84 kutiyas).
I spent almost 2 hours there and took some photographs and after that i was in the search of a waterfall so i contacted with the locals and they told me about one where no one visits, and it was located almost 2 kms away from 'Ram jhula'. It was probably the best place in Rishikesh if you want a peaceful and soothing view.
This place is soo good that i don't even realize that i spend almost 6 hours there.
After that i started trekking as i want to see the best sunset, and probably this was the best decision of my life.

That's how my day ended and I'm gonna explore some river side views tomorrow.

Photo of Explore the unexplored! by sagar rai