Tidbits for Happy Travelling!

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Last few trips made me realize the importance of people with whom you travel. Memories of those little fights stay longer than those of beautiful beaches. 

You decide a place and then ask all your friends if anyone is interested in coming along. And you get on the road. So far, it's all unicorns and rainbows but then you slowly start hating the company. So here are few things you've to keep in mind before you decide on your travel partners as well as what not to do while travelling.


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She likes melody? And you like Rock music? She likes to sit at a beach and read her favorite book? You love to party? Don't end up cribbing about each other's taste which would eventually turn your trip bitter. World is your oyster and you can do anything you want but when you are travelling with someone you've to compromise and take the middle path. Why don't you give another genre a chance for a change? Listen to those old Mohd Rafi songs and make her listen to your favorite Pink Floyd songs. You might end up loving those melodious songs. Life is all about exploring options, so is travelling. It is just not about exploring places. It comes with a package. Learn to respect these little differences.


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Do not wash the dirty linen in public. Respect each other's privacy while travelling. Otherwise things come to such a pretty pass that might lead to something distasteful and ugly. Do not call names unnecessarily. I know it might be appropriate and a way to show love between two best friends.  But sometimes the other person fails to understand it. When you fight over something very trivial, the ones who are travelling with you are often caught in the crossfire. Make sure it doesn't happen. If it does, lighten up the mood immediately.


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Even amidst my busy schedule, I get some time to travel and why waste those precious moments by sharing it with someone who cannot value it. Make plans with people who share your passion (Travel in my case), maybe not at the same level. Or maybe Music or Writing or anything which matters to you the most.  It's easy to get on like a house on fire with people having similar interests.


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Of course, who wouldn't love to stay at a pretty villa, but you have to cut your coat according to your cloth. Never impose anything on anybody. See how much you can afford and how much your partner can afford and then make plans. Stick to the plan. But make sure you are not the only one who is compromising.  

Active Listening

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Don't just pay attention to the story. It is also very important to become aware of the non verbal messages. It so happens that someone starts talking about something which really matters to them, and you don't reciprocate in the right way because you could not catch those teeny weeny cues. Ask questions and get involved. It makes them happy. Why not bring a smile on someone's face?

The Fifth wheel

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Never ever make this mistake of bringing in someone just for the sake of numbers. You want to go on a trip with your best friend? But she would not come alone. So would you prefer to bring in another person for company? Or you need a fifth person as you have only one person who can drive? Yes? Never do that! It seems right for you but it just doesn't for that person. He/she might feel unwanted and would rather shut her mouth which you might or might not notice because you are so busy with each other.


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The most important thing, have Fun. Forget about these small fights.

If nothing works, just be patient and you'll sail through it.

Happy Travelling :)