15th Apr 2019
Photo of FIRST EVER TRAM RIDE by Samapti Rooj
Day 1

I still had one more day to spend in Kolkata after coming from a trip to mandarmani and Digha.
   So I thought to use this opportunity to explore Kolkata.
    I have been to Kolkata, many times but only for shopping, so I was very familiar with the new market.
    So I told my sister that I'll go to the new market just to explore the market alone, though I didn't tell my real intention.
My plan was to visit the Indian museum and then a tram ride, which I have never done.
My didi asked to accompany me, I told alright but then the next moment I remember my secret tram ride and I knew very well my impatient sister is never going to do that, so I immediate deny to go with her and told me her that I want to explore alone.
   My didi told me to came soon to do lunch together. Which means I have to come by 3 PM.
   I took the metro to the esplanade. After reaching navigates the location, it was a  10 min walk from the metro station. It was a straight road leaving the new market on the left side.
   I was strictly following the Google map. When you are alone and don't want to ask anyone google maps is the only hope.
And I was strictly following the Google map and there was a left turn, I took the left turn. While walking through that left turn I can see the Indian museum but there's still a right turn left to reach the gate of the Indian museum.
    Then I took the right road. I reach the location where google maps were showing but there was no sign of gate.
     I can still see the museum but where's the hell, the entry gate went.
Then I started walking back. I thought of asking someone but I hesitate and thought of finding myself.
     I went to the place where I took the left road. And walk for few meters straight.
You won't believe the great Indian museumm was just on my left side.
     I felt like kicking myself. If I use my common sense a little, I wouldn't have to walk that extra meters.
Then I calm myself by saying it happens and that's how u explore places.
I bought the ticket. It was 20 for Indians and 500 for foreigners. And seriously I felt so pity for the foreigners at that time. And thought, I would have to spend that extra if I ever go to a foreign country.
    Then I went inside. Honestly, I never liked history, so without wasting my time in reading what species they were. I just took a walk to the entire museum. I took a lot of selfies. Sat in the ground for some time and when I check the watch it was already 2 PM,
That's means I have to rush for the tram ride.
I navigate the tram depot. And this time with my common sense too I reach the tram depot in the exact location.
     I thought I'll just take a short ride to Park street. I asked a man, which tram goes to Park Street. He told that there is no tram route to park street and advised me to go to the metro. It took me quite a time to make him understand that I need to go there by tram only.
     It was already 2:20 PM. And I need to go home. And unfortunately my all plan to experience my first ever tram ride failed.
      After almost 4 months, I  went to Kolkata.
It was 15th April, Bengali new year it was that day. I made a plan with a friend of mine to go to college street to buy some novels.
     I took the metro to Mg Road. Then I walk here and there to get the novel which I wanted.
     In this hot and humid weather, I got so tired to walk back to the metro station. I badly needed rickshaw to the metro but it was hard to find.
     And the traffic was horrible.
     Then suddenly I saw a tram and get so excited and thought no matter what, wherever the tram is going, I'm riding it.
    I asked my friend and luckily he agreed.
    And this is how I get into the first tram ride, unexpectedly.

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