Get Inspired To Travel

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The Dutch have a saying, “He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.” Life on the road is a lot easier than you think. It’s the decision to take that step out the door that is the hardest part because it requires the most change. You’re leaving your old life for a new one.Travel is a very rewarding experience and one shouldn't let fear hold you back.   

Travel Goes Long and Teaches A Lot

It’s not that hard.

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Every day, people get up and go out the door to travel the world. And they survive and thrive. In fact, the travel industry has made it very easy to make it. Just get on that plane or train or bus. Everything else will work itself out. This travelling thing is a lot easier than you would believe. It’s not like you are the first person to ever do this.

You learn a lot of good skills.

Travelling around the world teaches one to be more social,adaptable & flexible and most importantly, understand verbal and non-verbal communication much better. It helps one figure out situations even when one can’t understand them. It makes one more independent, more open, and, overall, just a better person. There’s no reason to be scared that you might not have “it” in you. You’d be surprised how often you can surprise yourself.

You make a lot of friends.

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It may seem scary just throwing yourself out there and talking to strangers, but we are all strangers in a strange land. At the end of the day, everyone is very friendly. It takes while to get used to just saying “hello” to strangers, but afterwards it seems like second nature. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming on the road that even when you travel solo, you are never really alone.

It’s good to try new things.

Travelling helps one to explore the true World. It pushes one to the limit, makes them learn new languages, tries to conquer their fear, and challenges their views towards people.

Be adventurous.

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Don’t regret stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Even if you only try things once, it’s good to challenge yourself and be adventurous. Scare yourself once in a while. It makes life less dull.

Go with the flow.

But remember you aren't made of money, so don’t always feel like you need to party with your new friends every night or do every activity in a new place. Sometimes it’s OK just to sit around and relax or cook your own meal. Be frugal, but not cheap.

When there is limited time, you want to try to see as much as possible and stay on track. But stop being hemmed in by that plan.Traveling is about opening yourself up to change and letting life take you where you want to go.

Learn more languages.

There’re some great benefits to not knowing the local language – like miming out “chicken” to let the lady know you want eggs for breakfast – but learning language is fun, very helpful when you travel, and works out great when you meet other travellers. Not only can you eavesdrop on their conversations, but there’s also nothing like surprising people by speaking their language. It brings a smile to everyone’s face.

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