14th Dec 2016
Photo of GHOST TOWN by Mytri Komakula
Day 1

So it was me and him and our bike
It was around 11 in the morning on the days of December...
Such a hot day right ?
Yes !
But it was a great trip coz we can fight the coldness of water and enjoy our afternoon in beach.

But it's really amazing to get that since you have no single person over there.

It was just a van that got few people in it who are all  fishermen just going in for fishing.

So it was a ghooostttt towwwn 👻💀

Hahaha! It was that coz there was a tsunami occured in 90's which killed many people and hence named it has ghost town !

You will have bay of bengal , Arabian sea and Indian ocean meeting there ...

So I will tell you how you can reach this place :

But on other days you can visit danushkodi
From rameswaram. There are buses plying throughout the day. Bus number 3&7,just recheck as you board on them. As the bus drops you to the last stoppage the sea beach of dhanuskodi starts. From there you have to take the maxicabs (vans) charging Rs 150/- per head taking you through the sands of sea shore & partly through sea to the ghost town of dhanuskodi. You can hire a pvt vehicle like jeep/auto as well,its about 15/18 km from Rameshwaram. I believe you need some kind of police permit if you are travelling till the very fag end of dhanuskodi by a pvt vehicle via the metal road.

So lets get back to my experience now

It was sunny , cool water below and cool breezes aside

We had a great photo shoot and went inside the destroyed church.

You gettt sooo fucking vibed.
Very easily you get Vibe with this place !!

Many love beaches due to the warmth and comfort but very few get attached to beach due to Vibe ...
This place has very high chances of making you get vibed with it !
I bet !

I think pictures talk alot more than what I say

The lonely beach needs your visit !!!

The amazing beach !!! ❤️

Photo of GHOST TOWN by Mytri Komakula

THE ROAD to enter danushkodi

Photo of GHOST TOWN by Mytri Komakula

The destroyed church .. but still a beautiful one ⛪

Photo of GHOST TOWN by Mytri Komakula

The real GHOST TOWN experience!!!

Photo of GHOST TOWN by Mytri Komakula