Goa is Feeling

I went goa with my best buddy and gf and instantly fallen in love with the feeling that this place gives me– something intangible, you can’t really see it or touch it or explain it, all you can do is feel it and fall in love with the vibe, the energy and everything about it , I can’t quite explain how much I love this place, every day that passed in goa I find myself almost overcome with joy, I feel so lucky to be there and the warm weather and the tropical beaches, fresh seafood, rich curries and colourful markets the infectious energy and life of India, spices and sea breezes, and not forgetting vibrant orange sunsets over the Arabian sea that never fail to mesmerize me, That bike ride,churches, the water sports, night life of Goa; I don't forget the parties I ever do in Goa, beach walk with girlfriend.. And Goa is so colorful city in the world, I don't need to go i n heaven because Goa is Heaven for me Simple In the end I still can’t really explain why I love this place, it’s just a feeling ????
Photo of Goa is Feeling by Pankaj Verma
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