Great ticket prices

5th Apr 2020

Great ticket prices

I was looking to book a family vacation for a party of 10 people. And I guess I searched on every travel site but the results were not as expected. Yeah, I meant price-wise. I even called the airline for some group discount rates if they have any. But I was aware that there won’t be anything but just played my card. Hence somehow I bumped on Bargainairticket and I found the deal here. But I was really not convinced since the discount was almost 30% more than any other site. I was skeptical and felt fishy. But somehow I convinced myself because this was the only site that gave me what I was looking for.

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My reservation

My reservation was reflected on the airline's page shortly after booking - but was never confirmed. The first person that I spoke with at stated that the ticket would be booked within 4 - 5 hours. I later checked the airlines' website and this time it showed that the booking had been canceled. I immediately called and spoke with Ron who apologized and booked my ticket right then. Excellent customer service. I will definitely use this site again. I was able to get discounted ticket prices in comparison to other sites. The website is easy to navigate. Ok, so they worked with me and booked me and 9 others with a great deal. I called back since I had a few queries with additional questions and concerns. Needless to say, they took additional time to answer my questions and ensure me that we were all set to go.

Not to brag but they had one of the best customer services. I have talked with them for a long time. I love the deal we got for 10 passengers. The representative was so helpful that he gave his assistance in correcting some information on my original itinerary. And the extended service he provided by contacting the actual airline for the final re-assurance (as I was still a little bit skeptical).

This will be my go-to site for cheap and reasonable ticket prices going forward.

The prices are great, their customer service was quick and very helpful. Highly recommended! They seemed like they had all the information I needed to know about.

The best part is no other website could match or beat the price.