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The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which is based in Bilbao, Spain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain. It houses the Frank Gehry International Center for the Contemporary Art. The Guggenheim Museum is a modern art museum designed by Canadian American architect Frank Gehry, which is located at West Village in Bilbao. The museum was opened by King Juan Carlos I of Spain with an exhibit of 250 modern artworks. The museum is an international center of contemporary art.

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The Museum of Spanish Art is the most visited attraction of Bilbao. It was founded in 1850 by Goya, a merchant from Seville. He used the profits from his business to build the Museum. Some of the renowned paintings of the Spanish art are The Iberian Peninsula, The Battle of Alcazar and The Gate of the Sun, The Holy Sepulchre and The Battle of Aslantia. This museum holds a considerable number of works made by Goya.

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Pintxos del Eminence is a major attraction of Bilbao. This is a huge park consisting of numerous hotels, bars, shops and amusements, it is also known as Spanish Park. This park has several attractions for tourists. Tourists can visit the Iberian peninsula, The Pyrenees, The Bay of Roses and The Caves of Altamira. Bilbao features a large variety of holiday accommodations.

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There are two museums in Bilbao dedicated to Spain; Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of El Escondido. The Guggenheim Museum is dedicated to the career of American artist Philip B. Durode, who is the former Curator of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The other museum is The Museum of El Escondido, which is devoted to the culture of Bilbao.

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Barcelona - The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona features a wide range of attractions. The Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Catalana de Perro are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona. The Gothic quarter of the city houses many buildings that belonged to the Middle Ages. Barcelona is also home to the famous Zoo. Another exciting attraction of the city is the Square de Catalans, which houses many restaurants, banks, theatres and other businesses.

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Lisbon - The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is home to beautiful churches as well as spectacular ancient buildings and monuments. One of the best known landmarks in Lisbon is the Portuguese fortress of Estoril. This impressive structure was destroyed during the World War II. The Guggenheim Museum in Lisbon is one of the best museums to explore the history of the city. Other cultural attractions of this place include the Estado de Lisboa (The Queen's Library), the Old Cathedral and the Church of Santa Maria de Gracia.

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