Walk in Park Guell

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Walk in Park Guell is a popular privatized tourist park system located within the city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, on the northern side of the River Guell. It was established in 1966 and is regarded as one of the best tourist attractions in Barcelona. It is popular for its collection of beautiful buildings and monuments constructed during the medieval and baroque periods in Spain. In addition to that, it is also regarded as a location that offers some of the best sights and sounds of Barcelona.

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When visiting this Park you will find the Guell Palace is the primary attraction. The Guell Palace has four fascinating facets. The House of Sovereignty houses the Generalife Council, National Art Gallery, the Royal Conservatory and the Institute of Statuary Sciences of Catalona. The Guell Museum is dedicated to the memory of the king since 18951 and contains the vault of El Facicio el Royal. The Musee des Beaux-arts, Barcelona's most important art museum, houses some of the works of El Greco and the Sagrada Familia.

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Aside from the palace there is the Gaudi Museum, where you can see a wide array of his works such as the Sugar Loaf Painting, The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. If you want to know more about Spanish history, the Sagrada Familia is the perfect place to visit. It contains a portrait of Jesus with angels holding him aloft. There are also other museums such as the Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which displays collections of different artifacts belonging to this era.

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During your stay at the Park, you can take time to visit other attractions such as Zoo Square, the Children's park named after them and the Theatre National. Tourists can also go for shopping. The town square known as Plaza Mayor is always buzzing with activity and people passing by stop to take a look at its many shops and restaurants. You can buy all kinds of traditional products such as clothes, toys and household goods. It also has a supermarket where you can buy all your daily items.

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To get up close to animals, you can go to Zoo Park which has a wide range of exotic animals. There are also several theme parks within the park including the Amusement Park Canyelles, Sagrada Familia and the Aquarium Canyelles. Travelers can choose from ferrets, lions, cheetahs, fish, penguins and much more. If you are looking for excitement, you should not miss out on visiting the Temple of Reiki and the Sea Life Park.

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While you are in Guell, you can also attend a mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception. This is held on Sunday every month. During this mass, the congregation celebrates the love between our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. This church is also famous for its teddy bears which are very popular among children. The church is open to the public on Sunday mornings.