15 places to visit during a Spanish sojourn

23rd Dec 2019
Photo of 15 places to visit during a Spanish sojourn by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of 15 places to visit during a Spanish sojourn 1/1 by Sweta Chakraborty

Are you longing to see a country around the Mediterranean Sea? Target Europe and I guarantee there is nothing compared to Spain. Well, there are various reasons why Spain comes to mind before any other European country. Ideas are plentiful, but the best to conclude is of course the sunny sky, alluring architecture, friendly people, and palatable food and of course the many fun things you can do while you are on a Spanish sojourn.

My recent visit to Spain has enlightened me on various facts, and I can confidently comment on certain places, which could be covered with 10 – 14 days. Check the calendar, decide on the hotels and finalize your tour plan, keeping in mind you cover the best places in the minimum possible time devoted for the trip. There could be many others on the list, but the following will definitely be the best framed in your Spanish jaunt.

1. Madrid: Start your journey with the capital city of Spain, and the third largest city of the European Union. There are a lot many thing you may do while in the city. Choose a hotel that will be in the proximity of Gran via, or any other place near the metro station, where commuting will be the easiest. If you are a soccer fan, never miss the stadium tours of Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid, the home club of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will attract various soccer fans during the tournaments.

Visit the Royal palace, Prado museum, Retiro park, Golden triangle, bull fighting arena, Plaza mayor, Mercado de san Miguel, Puerto de sol, Paseo del Prado, and hop in the busy streets of Gran via. In fact, there are various day trips you may avail from Madrid. Never miss a trip to Segovia, Avila, Salamanca and Toledo, the UNESCO world heritage site and medieval remains at Spain. Try tapas, drinks and also avail a flamenco show, the gorgeous, vibrant traditional dance of Spain. Best option is to buy online, skip the line entry tickets to various places of attraction and avail the hop on hop off bus tours. Trust me, there's no place so vivacious, so coruscating like Madrid.santigo

Day 1

Stadium tour of Santiago Bernabeu

Photo of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Avenida de Concha Espina, Madrid, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

Santiago Bernabeu stadium

Photo of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Avenida de Concha Espina, Madrid, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 2

The Royal Palace, Madrid

Photo of Palacio Real de Madrid, Calle de Bailén, Madrid, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

Mercado san de miguel , the place for tapas and drinks

Photo of Mercado de San Miguel, Plaza de San Miguel, Madrid, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

2.Zaragoza: Visit Zaragoza, the capital of North eastern part of the Spain's Aragon region. The city overlooks the Ebro River, and houses the famous shrine of Virgin Mary, a consequential site for pilgrimage .You'll see various sites that combines the flavour of gothic and Islamic architecture.

Zaragoza is meant for the palaces with Moorish influence, and structures dating back to the 11th century. Visit the Basilica de Neustra senora del pilar, Aljaferia palace, cathedral del Salvador, plaza of Our Lady of the pillar and also the bridges along the Ebro river. Enjoy the architectural tour and get plunged into the past as your guide narrates story about the medieval monarchs.

Overlooking the Ebro river

Photo of Zaragoza, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

3.Montserrat: Visit Monsterrat, the most picturesque place in Catalonia, Spain known for the mountain top monastery. Situated 4055 metres from the valley floor, Monsterrat is the highest point of the Catalan lowlands. Avail a ride on the rack train for those fantastic views. Surrounded by rugged mountains, Montserrat is a popular place for a day trip from Barcelona.

Visit the black Madonna, virgin of Montserrat, and Sant Jeroni, the highest point of the Montserrat. Known to be a tourist friendly place, Montserrat attracts hikers from all corners of Europe. Click photos of the panoramic view of the mountains and if possible, try the handmade cheese available in the local markets.

Day 3

Monsterrat surrounded by rugged mountains

Photo of Montserrat, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 4

4.Barcelona: Barcelona is the largest city in Catalunya, Spain and situated on the coast of North-Eastern Spain. It's the second-most populous city of Spain. Barcelona has immense importance in the field of tourism, trade, commerce, cultural, media, fashion, science, and arts. It's known for a rich cultural heritage and known for various UNESCO rated world heritage sites.

Visit the renowned sites like Sagrada Familia basilica, and other Gaudi inspired structures like Barri gothic and Casa Milla. Visit the La Rambla street, a fountain of the three graces, Palau Guell, parc Guell, casa battle, camp nou, magic fountain, scenic views from Mont Juic, Poble Espanyol, La Barceloneta, Monastir de parables, Mercat de la Boqueria, quadrat d'Or and many more. Be a visitor at the Sagrada de Familia and witness the construction of the world's largest cathedral, inspired by Gaudi, construction began in 1886 and expected to be completed by 2026. Wow! Experiencing history is indeed enchanting.

Barcelona attracts millions of tourists every year, be it soccer lovers or architecture admirers. But, Barcelona is also ill famous being the pickpocket capital of the world. Be extra careful about your belongings, especially while hopping across the crowded streets.

Sagrada Familia , Barcelona

Photo of Barcelona, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

Spectacular views from the Montjuic

Photo of Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of Camp Nou, Carrer d'Arístides Maillol, Barcelona, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 5

5. Peniscola: Visit Peniscola, the coastal town situated in Eastern Spain, known for its scenic beaches like Pebret and Norte. It's a historic town, and you'll simply love the panoramic views of the coast and artillery park. The Templar Castle and medieval walls are surrounded by the water. Not surprising enough, Peniscola is known as an accessible shooting location; shooting location for Game of Thrones ( 2015) was chosen in Peniscola. If you have a busy schedule touring Spain, a half-day tour will do justice to Peniscola.

Visit the castles like Templar fortress, church of virgin del Socorro, hermitage of the Mother of god, sea museum, and enjoy the scenic shores, fishing life, history, and the archaeology of the place has immense medieval importance. Try the specialty seafood restaurants and try various dishes, including artichokes, which is a must-try. Irrespective of whichever time of the calendar year you visit, Peniscola will always greet you with bright sunny weather.

Photo of Peniscola, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 6

6.Valencia: Valencia , a port city situated in the North-Eastern part of Spain, where the river Turia meets the Mediterranean sea. Valencia, known for the futuristic infrastructures like oceanarium, planetarium, and interactive museum. The city has its presence from the medieval age, and the 16th-century silk trade has a powerful hub once upon a time.

While planning a visit to Valencia, make sure that you visit the city of arts and science, oceanographic, La Lonja de la Seda, Valencia cathedral, El Miguelete, Casco Historico, barrio del carmen, Jardin del Turia, central market, and malvarossa beach. There are many other fun things you can do in Valencia like hiring a bike for a city tour, trying tiger nuts and trying paella, a Mediterranean seafood platter with rice and saffron. You may opt for the hop on hop off bus tour or might be a walking tour.

If you are an adventure freak, you may try some activities that will plunge an adrenaline rush like jet skiing, paragliding, rafting, flyboarding, and canyoning.

Hemispheric a futuristic design in Valencia 

Photo of 15 places to visit during a Spanish sojourn by Sweta Chakraborty
Photo of 15 places to visit during a Spanish sojourn by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 7

7.Alicante: Visit Alicante, a port city situated on the southeastern Costa Blanca region. Characterised by alluring palm trees, flanked with boulevard, and shopping streets, the town was named after 'Lucentum', meaning 'city of lights.' You will enjoy the stunning beaches, huge plazas, colorful parks, and state of the art shopping malls.

When you plan exploring Alicante , visit the castle of the Santa Barbara, explananda de Espana, archaeological museum, Casco Antiguo, postiguet beach, basilica of santa maria, contemporary art museum, Mercado central, Alicante's towers and Elche palmeral. In case you have time, you may explore the sea on a boat trip and enjoy the local cuisine. Alicante can be visited in a day from Valencia. The rich and the famous come here to enjoy beach holidays and hanging around under the sunny Spanish sky.

The mosaic flooring at Pseo de la explananda, Alicante is simply superb 

Photo of Explanada de España, Alicante, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

The harbor of Alicante is scenically the best

Photo of Port of Alicante, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

8.Caravaca de la Cruz: Visit the Caravaca de la Cruz, a city in the Murcia province, southeastern Spain, which is an important pilgrimage site, housing the basilica site of the Vera Cruz. This place has the distinctive Caravaca cross and baroque façade housed inside the holy shrine. You will enjoy the toy train ride to the top of the mountain where the basilica is situated.

Half a day tour is enough to explore places like Basilica Santuario de la vera cruz, museo de la fiesta, horses wine museum, ceuva negra and Feuntes del marques.

Touching the holy shrine at basilica de la vera cruz

Photo of Basílica de la Vera Cruz, Calle Cuesta Castillo, Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

The toy train ride at Caravaca de la cruz

Photo of Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 8

9.Granada: Granada, a city situated in Southern Spain, Andalusia region, is known for its various architectural excellence and draws in millions of tourists every year. Granada has a prominent Arabic influence and used to be the last capital of Arabic Spain. Dating back to history, the Arabs reigned over Spain from the 8th  to 15th  centuries. Granada, situated at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, proudly houses Alhambra, a UNESCO world heritage site and many other fortresses that speaks about the once rich cultural heritage.

You need a minimum of 2 days to explore Granada. Visit the Alhambra, Generalife, Royal Chapel of Granada, the palace of Charles V, cathedral de Granada, Granada science park, and Alcazaba. Apart from exploring places, you can find time to enjoy the famous Granadian flamenco dance, Andalusian cuisine, and some unique drinks like sherry. Granda is rightly called the land of thousand castles. If you love history, you'll admire every inch of Granada, which bears a story of its own.

Sierra Nevada at the backdrop of Alhambra, Granada

Photo of Alhambra, Calle Real de la Alhambra, Granada, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

Generalife at Granada 

Photo of 15 places to visit during a Spanish sojourn by Sweta Chakraborty

10.Puerta Banos: Peurto Banos is a port city situated in Neuva Andulasia, southwest of Marbella, on the Costa del sol. The town was developed in 1970 by Jose Banus, a local real estate developer.

Day 10

The city has numerous restaurants, and you can choose from the various cuisine options like Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, and of course, middle- eastern. There are some exquisite shopping malls and some amusement parks. Of course, you may opt for some private boat trips along the crystal clear water.

A glimpse of the sea at Peurta Banos, Marbella 

Photo of Puerto Banús, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

11. Malaga: Malaga, is the largest city situated in the Costa del sol, which has a typical Mediterranean climate. Malaga , known to be the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the famous artist. Loaded with history and modern restaurants jostling spaces, Malaga is a city representing a youthful vigor.

You might visit Malaga in a day trip and explore places like Picasso museum, the cathedral of Malaga, Alcazaba, Malaga Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, and many more.

Malaga represents youthful vigor 

Photo of Málaga, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

12.Ronda: Ronda is a mountain top city situated in Spain's Malaga province, which is set dramatically above a deep gorge, the top most attraction. The chasm separates the city's 15th-century town from the newly developed township.

You may visit the city for half a day and explore places like peunte neuvo, plaza de toros, Arab baths, Mondragon Palace, the palace of the Moorish king and water mine, Arabic wall, and city gates, Cuenca gardens, and Acinipo ruins. Moreover, Ronda has some excellent wineries to visit and to view. You are sure to have a great photographic safari once in Ronda.

The deep gorge separates the 15th century town from the newer part 

Photo of Ronda, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 11

13.Seville: Seville, the capital of the Andalusia region of Spain, is known for many things, including flamenco dance, a type that originated here. If you have 10-14 days for Spanish holidays, give at least two days to Seville, and your visit will be worth it. Visit the Royal Alcazar, Plaza de Espana, the cathedral of Seville, La Giralda, parquet de maria Luisa, and many more.

You will enjoy a walking tour of the significant monuments of the city, the medieval Jewish quarter, cobbled alleys lined with orange trees, and many other attractions. Set in a cruise along the Guadalquivir river, thereby enjoying the significant landmarks. If you plan to visit Seville in April, you'll see April fair, where eating, sherry drinking, and flamenco dancing is a delicate part of the event. Don't miss tapas, drinks, and of course, gazpacho soup.

Torre del orro as seen from the vessel

Photo of Torre del Oro, Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, Seville, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

Cruising along the Guadalquivir river, Seville 

Photo of Guadalquivir, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty
Day 12

14.Cordoba: Visit Cordoba situated in the southern Andalusian region of Spain, which is a famous Roman city and a major Islamic center of the medieval period. The place is known for the Mezquita cathedral; the origin dates back to 784 AD. The conversion of the mosque to the cathedral is a clear indication that the Muslims got converted to Christians, although they are known to practice Islam in secrecy.

You may visit the Alcazar of Christian monarchs, Roman bridge of Cordoba, Medina Azahara, Roman temple of Cordoba, and the Palacio de Viana. A day tour is enough to explore the main attractions of the city.co

Entering the famous mesquita cathedral at Cordoba

Photo of Córdoba, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

A cathedral rebuilt over a mosque at Cordoba

Photo of Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Calle Cardenal Herrero, Córdoba, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

15.Consuegra: Consuegra is a municipality located in the Toledo province, Castile La Mancha of Spain. You will enjoy the dry plains, vineyards, and the historical construction of windmills. The Spanish mills have been described in Cervante's Don Quixote.

Day 13

You may dedicate half a day trip to explore the following attractions like Castillo de Consuegra, Molino rucio, and Molino de Viento. You may see the portrayal of the character Don Quixote, guarding the door of the windmill, giving you a feel of the 12th-century era.

The 12 windmills at La Macha plains

Photo of La Mancha, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

Character enacting like Don Quixote 

Photo of La Mancha, Spain by Sweta Chakraborty

Apart from places to visit, there are various things to do and places to eat in Spain. The best time to visit Spain will be from March to May (spring season) and also from September to November (fall season). Might be you'll find hotels at a cheaper cost and fewer crowd along with the places of attraction. Of course, you'll get a considerable crowd at the beaches, which is one of the top-rated attractions and a reason to visit Spain.

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