12 Solid Ways to Help the World During the Pandemic, That Too While Sitting at Home

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Some days back, one of my friend's family members was suffering from COVID-19 and was in need of supplies. Although the family could afford to buy the required items, they had to run here and there to even get basic medicines, bed and plasma. Cocooned at my home, I wanted to help but was not sure how? In the process of desperation and instinctive positivity, I learned a couple of things that I am listing in this article.

If you are someone who is in the same phase, here are some pointers that will surely bring a smile to your face and will give you tips to help others cope with the pandemic's negativity -

1. Social Media is a Boon!

Most of the times, we rake our lives on social media to make it meaningful. But guess what, this social media is saving the lives of many today. The motive for which they were designed is coming to fruition. Social Media is more powerful and stronger than ever.

In this, if unluckily, you or your acquaintance gets infected by the virus, leverage the power of WhatsApp, Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Similarly, spread the word, open yourself to help and keep an eye on various posts. If you are in the vicinity, you can stretch a helping hand and save one life.

2. Social Media is Busting Myths About COVID19!

People are scared and fearful. If you or your family member is a doctor, researcher and if you have relevant sources, sharing them on social media will help many.

Here are some myths that you might have heard.

3. Donation Makes You Feel Satiated!

Many organisations and smaller groups are helping people in the time of dire need. They are arranging for plasma, food, oxygen, medicines etc. By donating to these organisations, you can contribute indirectly to the cause. Some organisations and people that are accepting donations-

Donate to World

WHO Response Fund - The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading and coordinating the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.

UNICEF - UNICEF supports children worldwide to help them recover from the effects of the pandemic by providing vital health, nutrition, education, child protection, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), gender-based violence and social security services.

Donate to India

HelpNow - HelpNow is an Initiative by young students providing a secure, 24x7 logistics network for transporting COVID patients/suspects, Drugs, Phlebotomists, Healthcare workers (docs, nurses) and Blood/Organs/Medical supplies in India.

Khalsa Aid - Khalsa Aid International is a UK-based humanitarian relief charity providing support. Amidst the severe pandemic, Khalsa Aid is helping by purchasing and shipping Oxygen Concentrators and delivering them to India.

Mission Oxygen - An initiative by Democracy People Foundation is helping hospitals in India gain an immediate supply of oxygen.

CareIndia - CareIndia non-profit organisation working in India and focusing on alleviating poverty and social injustice accepts donations for distributing PPE Kits to healthcare workers.

Go Fund Me - The platform has verified accounts of individuals stretching their hands to help Indian people with supplies. Many pages raise funds to support the surviving family members of those who have died during the pandemic.

Other organisations and initiatives include -

Help India Breathe

Youth Feed India

International Medical Corps

Other than these, there are several NGOs providing relief during the pandemic. You can check these out here.

4. Donating Plasma Will Save a Life!

Plasma Therapy is an old technique for fighting against infectious disease. In this, the previously infected and completely recovered person can donate their blood.

Understandably, the recovered person might be reluctant to go through the donation procedure because this means going to the hospital or donation centre physically. Well to relax your anxiety, reports have established that there are minimal chances of reinfection, but to rule out this possibility, check with your nearest blood bank, and if you feel right, go for it.

5. Use Weekends to Verify Leads!

With the Covid-19 second wave, we are in the middle of an anomaly. Because of uncountable factors, there is a delay in everything. The administration is arranging things at its level; people, organisations and initiatives are trying to help.

But the sad truth is, numerous lists and contacts are floating that are either exhausted or are put up there by chance. When these lists reach the patient's family, it is too overwhelming for them to dial 100s and 1000s of numbers. What happens because of this? DELAY.

An opportunity lies here. How about we spend merely one or two hours from our weekend to verify these leads? In fact, many companies are working on integrating verify functionality in their apps. But till the time it goes through the rigorous process of development, testing and deployment, we can help our beautiful country contain the pandemic from our reach.

6. Your Family and Relatives are Everything at This Time!

Work is essential, and so is family. Employees can work out with managers and HRs to check company’s policies and demand paid sick leave.

7. Affected Families Would be Elated to Receive Food Cooked by You!

People are suffering. The Coronavirus is a powerful spreader, and sometimes, entire family members are swathed by its wrath. There are several initiatives, like Khana Chahiye, Seva Kitchen, Hunger Map Project, Mazdoor Kitchen, People for Change, preparing food for such Covid-19 patients.

If someone is sick nearby, preparing an extra meal for just one person can help him feel fulfilled and secure. Some are even building beautiful relationships by equipping the meal with a note, just like in the movie LunchBox.

8. Staying at Home and Embracing Slow Life!

Ah! This one is mainly ignored but is most helpful in breaking the chain. This time is crucial for you to build meaningful connections with family members. Apart from this, binge-watching, learning the art of cooking, painting, reading, writing, cleaning home, rejuvenating old memories, playing online games are some activities which keep indulging us these days. You can even make a segregated corner and set up a tent to take the pleasure of virtual trips.

9. Insensitive Travel Content Will Hit Wrong Nerves!

People are anxious. There are statistics on the Aarogya Setu app about the 100s of cases in the vicinity of 500 m, which distraught the peace. Every day, we hear news of our family members being sick and waiting for essential supplies.

In such a scenario, posting insensitive travel content just presses anger and agitation in people’s minds. Firstly, postpone your travel plans for some time and secondly, if you are still travelling for fun purposes, keeping it to yourself perhaps is the best at this hour.

10. Paying House Help and Ensuring That They Have Covid Essentials Will Make Them Feel Rewarded!

People from unorganised sector and daily wage earners are facing the most. Despite doing everything, they are the ones who have lost jobs. Helping them and ensuring that they have COVID-19 essentials like N95 Masks, Oximeter, Thermometer, Sanitizers etc., can help them mitigate the risks. If you can, continue paying them a monthly salary. They will be grateful to you. Next time, when they are back, they will work more willingly and contently.

11. Strays are on Worst Side!

Strays are probably the ones that are plainly at the worst end. They are devoid of food, safety and care. You can take care of them by just putting food every day at the hour when there is the least rush on streets.

Not only strays, but even pets are feeling alienated if their family members are suffering. Not giving them continuous care and attention makes them indignant. You can take such animals in and keep them in your custody till the time their family members are well.

Read these guidelines by CDC, if you are a pet lover.

12. Checking up on Elderly Will Make Them Feel Closer to Their Families!

Supervision and care is all COVID patients' need at the time of distress. If there are elder people living in your vicinity, just checking on them by calling them, messaging them, ordering food and medicines will make them feel at home.

Now that you know multiple was to extend help, go on and bring smile to some faces. Having said that, also care to add more points in the comments if we missed something; we will add them in the next edit.

Lastly, we would like to emphasise more on point number 8, i.e., 'Staying at Home'. The condition is worsening with each passing day. You can not predict how the virus will affect your health. So Stay Home and Stay Safe.

Connect with me on my blog and Instagram. I would be the happiest to see you on the other side.

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