Indore, a melting pot of modernity and an old world charm


Often touted as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is a paradise for those who want the best of both the worlds-modernity and the old world trappings. What a visitor finds most amazing in the city is the sweet and friendly nature of the Indories (residents of Indore fondly referred to as). In fact, this is the first impression that will be etched on the minds of travelers to the city.

Like so many cities in India, Indore is also a confluence of history and modernity. A city, fast developing into a megapolis, Indore offers a plethora of travel vistas that is steeped in history. Travelers are mesmerized by the glorious past of the place.

Indeed the visitors are spoilt for choices when they travel to this beautiful city in Central India. The Rajwada, which is a two hundred years old marvel, is a seven-story palace of the Holkars. History buffs will revel visiting this place.

Another palace that will leave visitors drooling is the Lal Baag Palace, which boasted the best rose garden in the country at one time.

Central Museum is another travel-worthy hotspot when you visit Indore. This is a treasure house of information about the ancient glory of the place. Those with a flair to unravel history will love spending time in the museum.

Visiting the bevy of temples in Indore is another attraction for travelers, especially those who have a religious bent, as temples galore here in the city and vicinity. Whether it is the Venkatesh Temple, Annapurna Temple or the Vaishnav Dhaam, the city will give soul searching a different meaning with a visit to the numerous temples dotting the place.

If you have time to visit Sipur Lake, never ever give it a miss as you will find the most exquisite migratory birds from the world flocking to this scenic place.

There are parks, theme parks, cultural centers, water parks, etc. that offer plenty of activities to visitors and locals alike. The Nakhrali Dhani Water Park is a veritable Rajasthani village in miniature, where one can virtually take a journey through the Indian state of Rajasthan. Enjoy scrumptious delicacies of Rajasthan in the various stalls inside this popular amusement park.

Developed under the aegis of the government with an estimate of over 70 crores, the Regional Park is undeniably the most beautiful park in Indore. It is divided into four parts-Mughal garden, French garden, amphitheater, and an artistic rural area where one can spend plenty of quality time amid surrealistic surroundings.

Foodies have a field day while in Indore as the city is a paradise with endless cuisines of the region, particularly the lip-smacking street food. The crispy kasories, the saucy samosas, the lemony pohas, and other fried delicacies, there are streets in Indore lined with vendors who offer all these food at a highly affordable price.One will notregret traveling to Indore once they sample some of the street cuisines, the city is so famously known for.

The Sarafa Bazaar is the standout destination for food lovers who visit Indore for whatever reasons. A bustling jewelry market by the day, the place converts into a food hub by night, especially after 8 O'Clock. Many celebrity chefs, keep visiting these streets to savor the tasty food or to discover anything new time and again. If you are hungry after a long day in Indore, head to this place to satiate your hunger with some really finger-licking food items of the city.

It is a custom for travelers to get home some local stuff from whichever place they visit. At least I make it a point to buy local products as a souvenir. Indore is one place that will offer you plenty of stuff you would want to buy. Jewelry is one area where there will be plenty of options to choose from.

Handicrafts, sarees, ethnic fashion, cloths, local fabric, etc. one can buy everything at a handsome price. Although there are mega malls in the city, the street and indigenous market are the places travelers visiting Indore mostly throng.

Indore has a slew of hotels, guest houses, and OYO rooms, where one can choose from. Ranging from budget to mid-range to luxury hotels, Indore is tourist-friendly to the core. Some of the options for visitors include Hotel President, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Lemon Tree Hotel-Indore, Hotel Radisson Blu, Ginger Hotel etc.

Safety is also not a major concern in Indore, as the city is considered safe than most places in India. Still, one should exercise caution while venturing out at night.

Voted as the cleanest city in India, Indore is a great place to visit with friends and family whether on a comprehensive tour package or one's own.