Jaisalmer is Complete Package to Celebrate New Year 2018


New Year 2018 is being looked upon as the year of expectations. This would be the year with more awareness towards the Nature’s protection and conservation. It is also high time for you to take the time off and be in the arms of rustic Rajasthan’s life that holds a connection with the ancient Rajput era and also has the modern amenities to make your trip a comfortable one. So plan the Rajasthan trip this time. Get the Jaisalmer tour packages from the Royal Adventure Tours to give you the adventure note to the holidays. 

Gadsisar Sagar Lake, Jaisalmer

Photo of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Rat Jaipur

You can opt for the 3 days / 2 nights Jaisalmer Tour Package or go more one with a longer duration as per your convenience. A visit to the beautiful Gadisar Lake and the Vyas Chattri in the evening will take the pains of the journey away and making you feel refreshed immediately. The incredible Jaisalmer fort with the yellow sandstone walls speak of the architectural skills and technique used in the ancient ages. The Patwon Ki havelli and the Salim Singh ki havelli are the other wonders that should be seen here that again take you to ages left far behind. Any word of appreciation will seem to be too small for the art works and carvings done. The Jain Temple is yet another peaceful destination in Jaisalmer.

And there is more than the visit to the historical forts and monuments. There is adventure and activity in Jaisalmer. The cultural programmes in tented accommodation in the sand dunes will give you the experiences of the Arabian nights. The overnight stay in these accommodations gives you that camping feeling. Camel safaris and jeep rides in the sand dunes add flavor to your trip. The sunrise and sunsets in the dunes are the frames that will remind you of the merry time spent in Jaisalmer.

Finally, there is the Amar sagar, Badabagh, Lodurva and Kuldhara that compels you to appreciate the giving of the nature. Jaisalmer proves to be the complete package for your New Year celebrations. You touch the royal lifestyle in the glorious forts right with the lavishness in art and weaponry; you also get the soothing serene environment while visiting the lakes and the gardens that relax your mind for the year ahead and you also get the adventure in your trip with Rajasthan Tour Package the desert camps and other activities to refresh you with a fit physique. 

Take up the Jaisalmer Tour Package and celebrate the New Year in style and adventure.

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