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Why we are spreading waste material anywhere while going for outing it’s very disappointing, being a travel blogger it’s my duty to spread this message to the maximum people.

I went to a place for an outing, I had seen everywhere waste materials were present in a scattered way & the most interesting thing was everywhere dustbins were available.

It’s our responsibilities to keep tourist places clean. Cleanness plays a vital role in any tourist place to attract tourists most. It’s also beneficial for locals there earning chances will be increase.

Please use dustbins to dump any waste material & try below suggestions to keep the place clean.

How to reduce waste while travelling

Use a reusable water bottle

Use a reusable shopping bags

Use a TSA toiletry bag

Don’t forget your toiletries

Carry your own utensils

Pack a cloth napkin or two

I hope you will read and spread this message to others.Stay connected with ‘My Travel Box’.

Keep the environment clean.

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