Letters to Her : From Pin Valley

Letters to her ????????
This unearthly pretty yellow flowers that carpet the floor here, wild and free , nameless yet not unnoticed. How do they sit so quietly yet hold the very essence of beauty and catches every eyes that pass by. I guess a life , quiet and calm will be such beautiful too.
I understand , more and more , why now a days , I find essence of existence and contentment , sitting under the foot of a mountain and marvelling about it's grandeur , rather than conquering it's  summit.
As we grow , we go quieter , I guess , as life and the universe humbles you deeply , from skin to soul. With more and more wanders beheld to, along the journey, we become spell bounded in words, at a loss to find the right one to describe , or give meaning to what we saw. Similarly, even in life , I now slowly find the futility of the hue and cry, of ambitions , to become, rather than just being. Or even comparing , or to hold an idea of concieved way of a meaningful life. 
For as I sit here in the calmness of a rural life in the barren yet fruitful regions of Pin valley, even the idea of living life to the fullest seems flawed to me. Like why is , sky diving inherently better than reading a book ? Or living a life that looks good on social media better than enjoying a quiet disconnected one ?
Experiencing the life, lived by it's inhabitants, in Pin valley, I can only hope, that I too can drown myself in that calm and quiet. Not much connected to the outer world , just breathe , eat , work , laugh and do the basics , as life intends to. And somehow their life seems so appeasing.
There are certain things, that inhabit a small quiet place inside your heart, regardless of the circumstances or situations. They leave a piece of itself inside you, when souls collide with impact. And there it remains subtly, always. For me,  if you were one of those , then so is the quiet life of Pin Valley.

With Love,
From Pin Valley.
Photo of Pin Valley National Park, Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India by Deepjyoti Biswas
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