Lost in the varied nature of Bhutan. #responsibletravel

17th May 2019
Photo of Lost in the varied nature of Bhutan. #responsibletravel by Mrinalini Majumdar
Day 1


1. Respecting Customs: The above Video will show you a bunch of us dancing to Bhutanese Tunes. A place like Bhutan has varied and rich culture. And many of seem to ignore that. They ask you to join for a dance, you must because they are showing that kind of respect, you are supposed to reflect it too. So respecting and loving and caring about their culture and customs is very important.

Day 2
Photo of Thimphu, Bhutan by Mrinalini Majumdar

2. Stay in less cost hotels rather than huge Hotels: Another beautiful thing about Bhutan is that all the buildings and interiors are related to their culture of dragons etc. So when you stay in any city of Bhutan try to stay in guest houses, with families and understand them.

Day 3
Photo of Simply Bhutan, Genyen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan by Mrinalini Majumdar

3. Buy Local Items: One of the most amazing things you can do is buy local items. The local handmade shops of Bhutan have sellers from generations together. In the above photo you can see Artist Pema Tshering. He has been paralysed from his hip and has lived like this all his life. But that doesn't stop anyone, he carves on wood with his feet. Purely handmade stuff and worth it.

Day 4
Photo of Tiger's Nest Hiking Trail, Paro, Bhutan by Mrinalini Majumdar

4. Walk on a trodden path: When it comes to trekking, it's always good to walk on trodden path already, even if it is tough. A lot of travellers, destroy the flora and fauna around the forest areas and walk on flowers to find an easier path. So everytime you go trekking, walk on a trodden path rather than on the greenery.

Day 5
Photo of Paro, Bhutan by Mrinalini Majumdar

5. Giving back: Prayer flags always protect us is what the Buddhist say. It also increases the scenic beauty of the place. So the best way to give back is by tying a prayer flag on your way to any monastery. Also these Flags are made of cloth so there are totally Bio degradable. And this is important because a lot of times these flags can fall off and it is important for a traveller who is tying it to see to it that he is not destroying the surroundings in his course of the journey.

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