The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bali Answered!


The Tripoto Forum is a board where our community can ask and answer questions related to travel. While recently scouting the forum, I noticed that travellers had many questions about Bali. So today, I answer the most-asked questions about this exotic island. Read on to know more.

What are the best places to visit here?

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Swing over rice fields in Ubud. (c) Dave Weatherall
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Kelingking Beach at Nusa Penida. (c) Alec Favale

Bali is not a small island that can be covered completely on a short trip. Depending upon your preference, you can choose from the following destinations:

1. Ubud

Located in the heart of Bali, Ubud is a must visit if you want to witness a mighty volcano, tree plantations and rain forests, all together. Some sight-seeing highlights of Ubud are Ubud Palace, Monkey Forest, Tegallallang Rice Terraces, Goa Gajah Elephant Cave, Ubud Market, Purana Taman Saraswati Temple and Bali Bird and Reptile Park. If you are an adventurer, you can trek to Mt. Butur which is an active volcano. The vistas of Ubud are green and verdant, and its architecture is extremely rich. Ubud is ideal if you're on a relaxed vacation with family.

2. Seminyak: This is a beach resort area that is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts of Bali. The area is also known for its happening night-life with a variety of clubs, pubs and bars on offer. Other attractions of Seminyak are Echo beach and Seminyak beach. It also has a number of galleries and museums that art geeks will surely love. Seminyak is perfect if you're on a getaway with your friends.

3. Nusa Penida: Out of the three picturesque islands located near Bali, Nusa Penida is the largest. You can get a ferry from Sanur and explore the island. Highlights of the island are Atuh Beach, Seganing Falls, Kelingking T-Rex and Angel's Billabong. If you are looking for an authentic coastal experience, this is where you should head.

What are the best places to stay?

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Double-Six Luxury Hotel (c)


Budget: Nick's Homestay is a gorgeous property that will give you a true Balinese experience. Located centrally, the property is close to the town. The architecture and services of the property are excellent, especially since a room begins at Rs 900 only!

Luxury: Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas and Spa is a luxurious property traditional Balinese architecture will offer you an exotic ambience.


Budget: M Boutique Hostel is located at the heart of lively Seminyak, and offers modern amenities that will add a touch of luxury to your budget vacation. The property also features a pool where you can unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Luxury: Double-Six Luxury Hotel is a luxurious property that is ideal especially if you're looking for a romantic getaway. Situated at a beach front, overlooking the Indian Ocean, the hotel is famous for a variety of clubs and bars that it offers. Enjoy excellent Italian and Western cuisines here.

Nusa Penida:

Budget: Acala Hostel is a great option for budget travellers as it offers the price of a hostel in spite of being a guest house. The property offers an 8-bed dormitory as well as a beautiful double-bed room. Be prepared to have delicious food from the hostel's cafe.

3. Is Bali safe for solo travellers?

On account of the fact that Bali is a spiritual and cultural center, it is a highly preferred destination among solo travellers and backpackers from around the world. Dotted with hostels and budget friendly eateries, Bali offers the perfect environment if you are travelling on your own.

4. How much should I expect to spend per day during my stay?

The Indian currency is much stronger than the Indonesian Rupiah. Besides, Bali is not an expensive country, so one can enjoy a comfortable vacation in Bali without burning in a hole in the pocket. If you're a budget traveller, you can easily get by in under Rs 4000 per day, including food, accommodation and sightseeing. If you're on a luxurious getaway, expect to spend at least Rs 10,000.

5. What kind of food will I get in Bali?

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A sumptuous Balinese meal looks like this. (c) Will Norris

Balinese cuisine comprises of exciting dishes whose flavour palette is close to India's in terms of spices. Don't forget to try Sate Lilit—a dish with grilled meats that is served with chilly sauce, veggies and coconut milk. Also try Nasi Ayam, meat rice that is served with vegetables, as well as Bebek and Ayam Betutu, another iconic dish that entails a duck stuffed with traditional spices. Remember to also try exciting fruit and salad bowls. If you're a vegetarian, you will also get vegetarian options wherever you go.

6. What is the currency exchange and where should I get it from?

1 INR = 199 IDR.

Currency exchange can be tricky, especially if you are someone who is careless about money. In order to get the best exchange rate, exchange currency once you are at the airport. At this point, only keep the amount that you will require for the first 24 hours because you will get better exchange rate outside. Some authorised and reliable exchange places are Kodak Shops, Fuji Shops, Airport Money Changers, PT Bali Maspintjinra, Kuta Jl Sriwinjays No 16A, BMC Seminyak and various outlets of PT Bali. Using ATMs is also a reliable option.

7. Do I need a passport or visa to visit Bali?

Yes, a passport is essential if you are travelling to Bali. If you are visiting Bali for less than 30 days, you do not have to apply for visa. However, if you are staying between 30-60 days, you need to apply for a visa on arrival.

8. What sim card will work and what is the process to acquire it?

Telkomsel is the best service provider in Bali, and you will see its kiosk right at the airport. You will get a sim with a validity of 30 days, with about 1gb-2gb of data per day. This will cost you roughly about Rs 400.

Now that all your questions have been answered, there is no reason why you should delay your trip to Bali anymore.

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