My list of 16 places to visit in Ratnagiri, my native place in Kokan.

20th Jan 2022
Photo of My list of 16 places to visit in Ratnagiri, my native place in Kokan. by Sonali Panagale

There was a king named Thiba who was ruling over then Brahmdesha which is now called as Myanmar. British government constructed this palace for King Thiba to keep him in house arrest after capturing his country. Today Thiba palace is major tourist attraction in the city. Now there is also museum of archeological department exhibiting various remains found in  excavation.

2. Thiba point

I belong to beautiful place called Ratnagiri from Kokan region . If one does not know What "Kokan" is , Let me explain. It is coastal part of Maharashtra having same lifestyle and eating habits. It consists of districts like Raigad, Sindhudurga, Ratnagiri and Thane. It is not less than heaven still one of the underrated place in the perspective of tourism.Here I am giving list of 16 such places which one should visit in Ratnagiri district.  May be  some of you have already visited these places or  have missed out some or  I may have missed out any. Please let me know once you go through the article.  So let's begin,

1. Thiba palace

Located near Thiba palace, this is recently developed beautiful public garden which is liked by children. This is mini amusement part with many small rides for kids and toy train. There are various eateries inside park serving local cuisines. The unique one is "chat cone" which is must try. From here you get beatiful sea view.

3.  Ganapatipule

Ganapati pule is famous because of its famous swayambhu ganesh temple and a long beach. Now you can also have various water sports activities on the beach once you visited a temple. Also you will ger various small and big hotels serving fresh sea food. You must do pradakshina around the temple which is go through mountains which gives you lovely views.

4.  Jaigad Fort

Jaigad fort is fort located on cliff which gives a beautiful view of confluence of shastri river with arabian sea. Its 13 KM away from the Ganapati Pule. One can also visit light house which is nearby. The another spot is Jai Vinayak Ganesh temple which is recently built by JSW group. The temple is constructed in Pagoda style and also surrounded by beautiful garden which maintained so well

5. Swami Swarupanand Math

Swami Swarupanand math  is located in Pawas taluka. It is place where Swami Swarupanand was living and doing his spiritual work. It is the must visit place in Ratnagiri. Ashram is kept so well and fill one with good hope and positive vibes.

6. Gateway of Ratnagiri

Gateway of Ratnagiri is recently built on Mandvi beach on line on Gateway of India. Mandavi beach also called " Kala Samudra" which literally means " Bkack Sea" which is because of black sand. It has been developed as Chowpaty recently so it has become fanous picnic spot smong Ratnagiri kars.

7.  Ratndurga Fort

Ratndurga Fort is also known as Bhagwati fort due to Bhagawati temple located in the fort. One can also see  mysterious Sea cave here about which many rumours are spreaded among locals. This is must visit place. One can see beautiful view of arabian see from the fort which is pleasant for eyes. In the mansoon fort look very gorgeous due to greenery every where.

8.  Marleshwar Temple and Waterfall

Marleshwar temple and waterfall is located at Sangameshwar taluka. There is beatuiful shivlinga inside the cave temple. The flow of water nearby is worshipped as Ganga. After taking darshan of Lord shiva trek of 15 minuites through rocky way leads to the breathtaking waterfall. This is off beat must visit place nesteld amid sahyadri mountains.

9. Lokmany Tilak museum

Tilak ali in Ratnagiri city is the lane where there is a villa where Lokmany Tilak was born. Lokamanya tilak does not require any kind of introduction. The legend belong to Chikhli vilage of Dapoli taluka in Ratnagiri but was born here and lived here till age of 10 before moving to Pune. Bow this villa is turned into Tilak museum which gives detail of life of this kegend. It also has many things which were used by Lokmany tilak. If you like history you will definitely love the place.

10. Patit Pawan Mandir and Veer Sawarkar Museum

Patit pawan mandir is very special becuase it was built by the initiative of Veer sawarakr when he was kept in Ratnagiri under observation and was not allowed to leave the place. During his stay in Ratnagiri, Sawarakar though was not politically active he was very much into socio religious reforms. He built this temple which was even open for Dalitas. Now there is also the museum in the temple premises which contains all information about Sawarkar's life.

11. Bhatye Beach

Bhatye Beach is beautiful beach located near Ratnagiri city en route Pawas. Recently MTDC has constructed variety of accomodation in front of the sea which will definitely give one Goa vibes. There you can also visit Jahri vinayak Ganeah temple which is located right before beach. Jhari means spring of water. The temple is named because of sweet water spring of water Near temple which is geographical wonder. You will get to see big fishes in the pond in front of the temple. kids definitely love it.

12. Guhagar Beach

Guhagar beeach is most loved beach by the tourists. People from Mumbai and Pune come here just to relax. There are many exotic accommodations are available in vicinity. Its perfect alternative to Goa if you want beach vacation. Guhagar beach is located in Dapoli taluka.

13.  shivshrushti

This place is located in the Chiplun taluka. Here you will get to see sculptures based on the incidences in the maratha history. The one intrested in history will definitely love the place. This is good place for kids. One can take abundant photos. The maratha history has come into life through this sculptures.

14.  Areware Beach

Are and Ware, are two separate beaches popularly known as Areware beach together. This is the virgin beach with crystal clear water. Nowadays commercialization also hit the beach so one can get options of snacking here as well. This beach is located en route Ganapatipule so one going to Ganapatipule can take photo break here.

15. Ratnagiri Marine Fish Museum

This place is small in size comapred to orher fancy aquariums but it contains varaiety of fishes and information about it. Must see for kids. They will definitely enjoy it. Located in the Ratnagiri city itself.

16. Prachin Kokan

Prachin Kokan is the museum which gives glimpse of traditional kokani life. It gives paid guided tour of the place where one can get a lot of information about the ancient kokan. Many rare trees are also found in the place with fascinating details. Highlight of the place is shell museum where one can get collection of a lot of rare and fancy small and big shells.

So, I how you enjoyed virtual tour of Ratnagiri with me. It has a lot to offer to the traveller soul. It's the place full of flora and fauna, natural beaty. Thebpalce full of history and heritage yet to be explored. If you liked the article please follow me to know more about such places. 👍