No more Cancellation of Travel Plans!

14th Jul 2020
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Nothing is more thrilling than traveling to different places, exploring new cities, new cultures, savouring a variety of food, and clicking thousands of pictures. But all these things are on hold due to the Corona Virus pandemic. We all are stuck at homes for about 4-5 months now. All our travel plans have been cancelled. We keep scrolling through our gallery, or Instagram feed and keep cursing this damn corona for ruining the year!

We understand it is difficult to keep your wanderlust heart sane during this tough time.

But what if we say that there are some pretty easy and fun ways to ease your heart?

So here are some of the ideas to travel the world from the comfort of your couch.

1.  Virtual Tours

Once in a while, we all have planned to visit our dream country or any particular museum but it never happened due to certain reasons such as lack of budget or time. But guess what now is the time to make it happen that too without paying a single penny. Google Arts and culture teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world to brings virtual tours for everyone.

In the same way, there are various videos on YouTube for your dream destinations.

2. Travel podcasts

If you prefer audio stories over videos than podcasts are your thing. One-off travel stories, travel tips, detailed information, there are podcasts for everything. You can listen to other’s podcasts or start of your own.

There are hundreds of podcasts creators, choose one with whom you tuned the most. These podcasts will take you out from your room to the world where you actually want to be.

3. Document your previous trips

We all explore our gallery at least once in a day to reminisce about all those travel memories. But then what? Just post it on Instagram, that’s it? No!

Filter out your best pictures and videos and start making a documentary. Give numerous effects to it, try voice-overs. Include your family or friends in the same and you would not even notice who you created new memories while going through the old.

4. Travel Journal

 It’s time to let your creative side breathe. Buy a journal or a simple scrapbook and paint it, draw in it, paste your favourite pictures in it. Pour out your heart in it.

Travel journals are basically your dairies where you write about your trips, your future travel plans, paste your pictures from various trips, write your dreams, travel quotes etc.  Maintain it as long as you can so that whenever you want you can just flip the pages and recollects the best moments of your trips.

5. Plan your next trip

It is the perfect time to research about that one place where you always wanted to visit. Decide your budget, booking options and every little thing that you don’t want to miss.

It’s the time to plan your solo trips efficiently. Backpackers for a change can make a pre-planned itinerary. Plan a well-discussed trip with your gang which you all wont cancel at any cost.

These were some creative and fun ways to keep you occupied during this lockdown. We hope you found it interesting!

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Photo of No more Cancellation of Travel Plans! by mansi awasthi