This Nation Wants You To Die To Be Happy!


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Photo of This Nation Wants You To Die To Be Happy! by Samarth Arora

“There is no key to happiness. You simply have to pick it up.”

I have lived by this motto all my life. Yet every once in a while, a strange and unique approach to finding happiness strikes a chord and mesmerizes my senses.

Happiness is a quest that many pursue but only a chosen few manage to attain. Bhutan, as a nation and as a culture, has managed to be one of the happiest places for a long time. And the way they do it is even more surprising.

Recently, a friend visited this beautiful Himalayan kingdom and the experiences he shared with me were enlightening.

Bhutanese culture emphasises on everyone to think of Death five times a day! It is believed that the fear of dying binds the mind in many ways and blocks the flow of positivity. Becoming at ease with death makes life easier.

So, how does it work?

Thinking about death is rather depressing. It instinctively triggers the mind to bring in positive thoughts and images. Doing so on a daily basis gradually eliminates the fear of leaving this world. Without fear, a new vision towards life develops naturally.

Dance Of The Lord Of Death (Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Photo of Bhutan by Samarth Arora

Even the doctors there prescribe this therapy to outsiders, who might be facing mental or even physical issues in life. Bhutan does not shy away from depicting death in art forms or temples. Bhutan has found a way to cultivate strength through an idea that induces fear in the minds of others, which is ingenious (and scientifically proven)!

Here, the Buddhist temples and monasteries depict death and pain in gruesome images and dances. Children are exposed to this ideology early in life, making it easy for them to accept and implement it in their lives. This makes for a very sound and happy foundations of life.

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Photo of This Nation Wants You To Die To Be Happy! by Samarth Arora

How to Contemplate Death?

Consider saying your prayers every day. Early morning, people thank God for waking up and acknowledge the fact that this may be their last breakfast. At noon, they are thankful for the sunshine and think about this possibly being their last. The same thoughts go out before lunch, the evening meal and dinner. It is a part of their daily routine.

Death Rituals

When a person in Bhutan passes away, 49 days of mourning rituals are followed. These rituals are taken very seriously and accompanied by lavish food arrangements. Though the mourners seem detached, they are deeply in grief. They have only accepted the fact that this was meant to be.

While most of us try to find a place to lock away the idea of death or dying one day, the people of Bhutan have accepted it as a part of their life. And this could very well be the reason for their remarkably unswerving happiness.

I am implementing this in my daily routine from today and I know where to move to after retirement. Acceptance brings happiness. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

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