Pahado wala pyaar #loveontheroad

16th Sep 2018
Photo of Pahado wala pyaar #loveontheroad by Charmi
Day 1

We sat in complete awe admiring the beautiful alchemy of the nature. The stillness of the lake, sun playing hide and seek, ever changing clouds, the majestic mountains exactly the way we dreamt of. He looked at me, I was lost in far land with my hair flicks occasionally kissing my cheeks.

How often does it happen that you meet a stranger in a strange place and your souls connect instantly???

That was exactly how I had found my soul connecting in a land of lamas. I teacher from mumbai was on a trip to run from situations on other hand someone was there to find himself.

Hours passed by as we sat in silence. The sun began to set in and the winds became chilly so we decided to head back to their guests house. Descending back was rather easy job. As we came back and freshen up they headed to have their dinner. Yummy thupka and hot vegetable Maggie. Life in mountain has always been simple. After dinner we sat on the terrace staring at the dark sky and innumerable stars. As we laid back in complete silence I removed the roll from the pocket. Knowing it was illegal I lit it up and took a long drag feeling the sensation through my throat to my head. I let out a huge cloud of smoke watching it disappear in the dark.

I looked sideways towards him to find him staring at me. I smiled and lingered my finger on his palm. Entangling the fingers I took his hand and rested it on my stomach. A shiver passed down his body. Before i could come back to senses he bent over staring right into my eyes. His lips brushed against mine. He kissed me slowly and before I could realise I was kissing him back. Our lips parted away leaving a smile on our face. We laid next to each other staring at the sky, living in the moment.