Patwa Haveli, jaisalmer

Photo of Patwa Haveli, jaisalmer by Saloni Kelkar


Someday... When years have passed by and perhaps we have lived a little longer, travelled a little further, we will meet. We will talk about our love for coffee, by windows and talk about the books we read. The conversation will go on and there will be this silence. Not the awkward one, the contented one and we will think to ourselves about wasn't this all we were waiting for? There will be sense of contentment in that moment. Everything will seem perfect. Until then i will wait for that moment!

By windows overlooking different parts of the world, with old books and coffees by local baristas. I will wait until one day you tap my shoulder and i turn around to see a book in your hand, coffee in other and a traveller in your eyes❤️

Photo of Patwa Haveli, jaisalmer by Saloni Kelkar